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Senior Field Education Internship

This year-long practicum (SOCW 482 & 483) requires students to complete 400+ hours of service in a local social service agency. While the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) requires a minimum of 400 hours of field education, the Marist's program has a greater expectation, by requiring close to 500 hours in order for students to be competitive in applying to graduate school.

Students are in placement during the fall and spring semesters of their senior year on a regular weekly schedule, all day Monday and all day Wednesday, for approximately 16 hours, according to the agency's hours of operation. In addition, during the January intersession, students return to campus soon after January 1 and attend placement full-time for two weeks.

Central to this year-long practicum is the relationship that emerges between field faculty, the agency field instructor, and the student, who work as a team and meet at the agency at least twice a semester to maximize the student's learning opportunities and continue to develop and monitor the students' ability to demonstrate their mastery of the Social Work Program Competencies (SWPCs). Alongside these group meetings, student's receive weekly supervision from their Agency Field Instructor; at the end of each semester, the Agency Field Instructor completes an evaluation of the student's performance that is shared with the student and signed by both.

Concurrently with the Field Education internship, students participate in Field Education Seminars, complete a variety of assignments, and meet individually with the Field Education Coordinator or Field Liason as needed.

Social Work Field Education Manual

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Senior Sequence Application

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*Note for International Students: If you are applying for an internship you must meet with the Designated School Official (DSO) before beginning the internship to complete required paperwork and obtain an authorized I-20.  Please visit the Career Services site to review the Application Process for Elective Credit Internships for International Students and Eligibility Requirements for International Students drop-down sections for details.

Field Placement Directory


  • Eden Park Nursing Home
  • Maplewood

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