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The strategic planning process was convened by Kevin Weinman in Spring 2022. To date, the process has included the appointment of co-chairs, the convening of a Steering Committee and working groups, and the drafting of an assessment of the 2018-2023 Strategic Plan. The Steering Committee has also overseen a communication and stakeholder engagement strategy that has included listening sessions, retreats, and a survey of the Marist community.  

Working groups were convened in December 2022, and they are charged by the steering committee with the following:

  • Analyzing the internal and external environment by assessing strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats 
  • Investigating and reporting on successful and innovative offices, programs, and initiatives at other higher education institutions  
  • Proposing preliminary strategies and tactics, and with providing a brief justification of each strategy using the internal and external assessment as well as research 
  • Providing an analysis of the institutional sustainability of the preliminary strategies, and determining metrics of success, assessment, and accountability   

Marist College is currently undergoing its Middle States Commission on Higher Education self-study process, with a site visit scheduled for March 2023. The self-study process, the evidence inventory, the institutional priorities, and the report itself are important inputs to the strategic planning process.  


Enhancing and expanding high-impact practices to increase student engagement and success

Strengthening and sustaining a diverse, equitable, and inclusive community

Cultivating the College’s adaptive business model for changing conditions to ensure long-term stability and vitality

Cultivating the College’s adaptive business model for changing conditions to ensure long-term stability and vitality

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The Strategic Plan Steering Committee is responsible for ensuring a transparent, inclusive, and meaningful process, one that seeks out and incorporates the voices and perspectives of all members of the Marist community. One of the first objectives of the Steering Committee will be to develop a robust communications and engagement strategy that ensures multiple opportunities and vehicles through which you can contribute your ideas, including participation on a working group, in a listening session or town hall, or through written feedback submitted via