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Commuter Students - Colin McCann, Associate Director

Image of Associate Director of First Year Programs and Leadership Development, Colin McCann


Office - Student Center, Room 1201A
Campus Phone: 845-575-3787

Main Duties:

Associate Director for First Year Programs & Leadership Development/Mentor for commuter students
Advisor, Commuter Student Council

Additional Duties:

  • Adjunct instructor for School of Communication & the Arts. *2003-2004 Adjunct Faculty Award
  • Club Advisor, Gaelic Society
  • Club Advisor, Circle K

About Colin:

Hometown: Red Hook, NY

Education:  BA Communication/Mass Media - SUNY Plattsburgh (1990)
                         MA Educational Psychology - Marist College (2000)

My earliest Marist Memory is...moving into my apartment while the winter wind blew across the Hudson.

When I think of heroes, I think of...the only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing. Peace is a perpetual project.

One of my favorite movies is...Blade Runner.

The best things about college...are the challenges.

My biggest "mentor" growing up father.

If I could travel anywhere, I'd go to...County Sligo, Ireland. Or the Taurus Mountains in Turkiye. 

When not busy with things at Marist...I enjoy the struggle of creative writing, playing percussion, working the garden with bare hands, and being Daddy to my Little Man and he is my joy.

My message to the students of Marist is...Drink deep, or taste not the Pierian Spring.