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Important Information – Incoming Spring 2024: Please opt out by February 15, 2024, if you have existing health insurance coverage.

Marist College requires all full-time undergraduate students to subscribe to a health insurance policy.  Full-time undergraduate students are automatically enrolled in the Marist-sponsored plan administered by Allen J. Flood Companies.  Students who have comparable or better coverage and do not wish to be enrolled in the optional insurance plan must complete an online waiver to provide proof of coverage.  Link above.

Students with private health insurance should become familiar with their plan prior to coming to Marist.  For example, students should check with their insurance provider regarding which labs are acceptable to use for blood test, cultures, etc.  Students should also inquire if "referrals" from their Primary Care Provider are required for medical specialist visits.  Family may need to request an additional insurance card for their college student.  Students will need to carry their own health insurance card at college.

International students are required to purchase medical insurance through Marist. All international students must purchase this policy. No waivers are permitted; however, students may purchase any additional policy they wish.

Policy information and outline of coverage can be found on the Allen J. Flood website.

Insurance Contact Information:

Student Health Insurance Plan