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Coronavirus Message to Marist Italy Students March 4, 2020


Dear students returning from Italy,

By now, a majority of Marist students have left Florence, and we hope you all have had a safe return home. We understand that dealing with the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) situation has been challenging. At this point, the College wants to re-emphasize its support and commitment to you. All students who have returned from study abroad will have the opportunity to complete their coursework and stay on track to graduate. The College is deeply committed to ensuring you can finish the semester despite these unforeseen challenges. Below, please find a few important updates related to your return.

Next steps for academics: Your studies will continue online from home, which will take place during the Marist Spring II semester, March 23-May 15. Marist faculty, content experts, and academic administrators are reviewing the requirements of each student’s academic program and the work you completed in Florence, in order to offer appropriate academic opportunities for you to complete your semester. A Marist advisor will be in contact with you during the week of March 9 to review a proposed, individualized course of study to earn the number of credits you registered for in Spring 2020 and keep you on track toward graduation requirements.

Self-Quarantine Process: Because you are returning from a CDC designated level 3 location, you are subject to a 14-day self-quarantine (at home) upon your return to the United States. As stated in our policies,  students returning from CDC designated level 3 locations, such as Italy, may NOT come to any Marist locations until the completion of your self-quarantine process (after 14 days), and you have not exhibited any signs of illness. Please know that Marist is taking extra precautions because of the rapidly evolving situation and, while our student population may not be at increased risk, others in our community may be at risk. 

Marist Policies: As a reminder, we have established a website that is continuously updated so that all members of the Marist community are aware of and follow these policies. The safety of our community remains the College’s top priority. Please note: any member of the College community who does not comply with the College’s policies or procedures related to the coronavirus may be subject to serious disciplinary action.

We know this experience has been extremely disruptive, and we want to assure you that we are all committed to making this transition as smooth as possible.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Best regards,

Thomas Wermuth
Vice President of Academic Affairs

Deborah DiCaprio
Vice President of Student Affairs

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