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Message from Deb DiCaprio: Enforcing Our Health and Safety Policies, August 21, 2020


I am writing to inform you that on Wednesday night, 15 Marist students gathered in an off-campus house for a party without appropriate masks and social distancing practices. These policies, along with the pledge students have agreed to sign in order to study in-person this fall, have been clearly conveyed in our reopening plans, which have been communicated extensively all summer. This incident is being thoroughly investigated by the Office of Student Conduct. All students involved have been suspended on an interim basis from the College and may be at risk of being sent home for the semester.

Social events, especially parties, violate public health protocols and have been the direct cause of the closure of college campuses, which have inhibited schools from providing the in-person education students and families desire. As a final reminder, we once again ask that you do not violate the policies put in place by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), New York State (NYS), and Marist administration, in an effort to not spoil the hard work and sacrifice of those who are willing to modify their behaviors and subscribe to the appropriate polices.

Simply put, Marist will not allow any individuals who choose to violate policy to ruin the chances of an in-person education for the majority of students who are following the established health and safety guidelines. It is up to you to help keep the Marist campus open and rise above other college campuses who have already begun closing due to inappropriate behavior from students.

Let this incident be an example that any student who violates the agreed upon terms outlined in Marist’s reopening plan will be swiftly disciplined and may be subject to suspension or dismissal from our campus.

When we say we intend to protect the pack, we mean it.

Deb DiCaprio
Vice President of Student Affairs/Dean of Students

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