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Fox Chat: Biomedical Science Senior Reminisces at the Steel Plant Cafe

Jadyn Lance '24, Marketing & Communications Intern

Image of Fontana at Steel Plant cafe.

Lauren Fontana '24 at the Steel Plant Cafe. Photo by Yasir Olenja '24/Marist College.

Fox Chat is a student-produced segment where Red Foxes sit down to connect over bites of on-campus favorites and chat about their Marist experience. 

In this segment, Jadyn Lance '24 interviews Lauren Fontana '24.

Lauren Fontana '24

Major: Biomedical Science

Hometown: Glastonbury, CT

Q: What is your go-to spot on campus to grab a quick bite?

A: I spend most of my time in the Allied Health building, the Steel Plant Cafe is the quickest way for me to grab something to eat or drink in between my classes. My favorite thing to drink would be their smoothies--the Steel Plant smoothie is my absolute favorite. 

Q: Why did you choose Marist?

A: Marist was the first school I toured. From the moment I stepped on campus, I was captivated by its beauty and I could easily see myself here. During my tour with the School of Science, the idea of smaller class sizes and faculty-led research opportunities excited me. The program requires students to get internship experience, and I wanted to gain internship experience  before moving to the next step in my career. 

Q: Favorite Marist memory?

A: When I found out I was going to be president of the Marist Dance Ensemble. I won the election but had to keep it a secret until the upcoming dress rehearsal for protocol reasons. It was very hard to keep it a secret because I was so excited.

Q: Why did you choose biomedical science as your major?

A: I knew I wanted to go into healthcare. A major in biomedicine allowed me to focus on science, my favorite subject, while also ensuring that I had all the prerequisites required to apply to medical school. This major also allowed me to gain clinical experience.

Image of Jadyn and Lauren talking at Steel Plant Cafe.

Jadyn Lance '24 and Lauren Fontana '24 at the Steel Plant Cafe. Photo by Yasir Olenja '24/Marist College.

Q: If you could eat the same meal every day, what would it be and why?

A: Tacos. There are so many different varieties of tacos and I love them!

Q: What clubs are you a part of on campus?

A: I am president of the Marist Dance Ensemble and I oversee 300 dancers plus my board. I choreographed and led the production of all the dance ensemble shows for the dance shows during my presidency.

Image of Fontana dancing.
Lauren Fontana '24 dancing. Photo courtesy of Lauren Fontana.

Q: Have you ever had a science experiment go wrong?

A: In high school, I was doing a chemistry lab and got a 421,000% error. The error was due to a technological issue. After looking into the possible causes, we determined that the probe needed to be recalibrated. It wasn't an issue with our experiment itself, but technology is integral to obtaining accurate results. That was my bad, but sometimes things happen and I have always been able to figure it out.

Q: What are your after-college plans?

A:  Next year, I am studying podiatry at Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science in North Chicago, IL.  My end goal is to become a podiatric surgeon because I want to work on the reconstruction of the foot and ankle. 

Q: Are there any pieces of advice you would give a first-year student coming into Marist?

A: Appreciate the time you have here. It is easy to get caught up in the amount of work or being homesick but when it comes time to graduate, you’re going to look back and realize how amazing this place is. I don’t want to leave. 


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