We Asked Our Marist Community, "What Are You Thankful For?"

Zoe Fernandes '24 and Jadyn Lance '24
(Left to Right) Hans Heer ‘25, Jillian Ciccarelli ‘25, and April Roccisano ‘25 outside of Lowell Thomas. Photo by Zoe Fernandes '24/Marist College.

November 20, 2023 — A warm spirit of gratitude fills the campus amidst the crisp autumn air and vibrant fall colors. From life-long friendships to a welcoming community where you’re a Red Fox for life, there is so much to be thankful for at Marist.

“Gratitude lets the light in. Gratitude reminds us of the good things that needn't have happened,” says Brian Loh, Lecturer of Religious Studies. “The world brightens and we feel happier and safer, all because we took a moment to give our appreciation. Making gratitude a habit permanently makes the world we see a better place.”

As we head into the Thanksgiving break, we asked students, staff, faculty, and alumni what it is about their Marist experience that makes them feel grateful.

All photos below by Jadyn Lance '24/Marist College.


Student Gratitude

Image of Ocasio.

I am grateful for Marist being such a great home and providing me with so many friendships." 

- Brianna Ocasio '26 

"I am grateful for the Marist dance team," said Jillian Ciccarelli '25.

“I am grateful for the great people that I have met and the beautiful Marist sunsets,” said Zachary Hoashi '24.

"I am so grateful for my friends, my favorite roommate, and my amazing housemates," said Stephanie Bendek '26.

"I am grateful for the club soccer team," said Hans Heer '25.

“I am thankful for all the connections Marist has given me, through my friends, classes, and my sorority. Marist has truly become my second home,” said Emily McCormick '24.

"I am grateful for the new learning opportunities provided at Marist," said April Roccisano '25.

“I am very grateful for my entire program and for my professors, said Elena DeDominicis '25. “They have taught me so much already and they really have shown me that I am on the right path in life.”

Staff Gratitude

I am grateful for Marist’s sponsorship of our roles at the Liberty Partnership Program, which helps students in the local Poughkeepsie area succeed academically and professionally through Marist student mentorship.”

- Dwayne Douglas '06, Liberty Partnerships Program Middle School Site Coordinator

"I am thankful for the sense of community on the Marist campus," said Jaclyn Sager '11, Director of Transfer Admissions.

“I am most thankful for an amazing 31-year journey at Marist, where I have had the privilege to serve as an administrator, teacher, and mentor,” said Robin Torres, Assistant Dean of Student Engagement and Leadership. “The opportunity to positively impact the lives of our students has been an immensely rewarding and fulfilling experience. And, on a side note, the view of the river, the bird songs from the Green, and the groundhogs aren’t half bad either!”

Alumni Gratitude

I’m grateful for the friends I made and the work-study experiences I had here.”

Lily Galandack '23 (pictured on right with Anna Drucker '23)

"I’m grateful for the great learning experiences and good times here with friends. The culture and camaraderie still lives on. You can tell that people are proud of this place and they want it to continue, so rock on!" said Peter Heidenright '68.

“As an alumna, I am really grateful to see that Marist is doing so many wonderful things for their students in regards to fostering a sense of belonging,” said Crystal Marr '02. “I'm also grateful for all the amazing professions and diversity events Marist hosts.”

“I’m grateful to Marist for being flexible with how they delivered my online master’s program,” said Omar Sangurima '12. “They were a pioneer in online accessibility, which made my school experience much more doable while working a 9-to-5 job.”

Faculty Gratitude

I am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this pack. This community cares for one another and will leave behind a legacy.

- Mary Durkin, Adjunct Professor of Communication

"I am grateful for having great students at Marist," said Reza Sadeghi, Assistant Professor of Computer Science.

“I am grateful for my students willingness to persist, it encourages me and warms my heart,” said Dr. Elisa M. Woolridge, Associate Professor of Chemistry.

"I am grateful for my students," said Roger Connor, Adjunct Communications Professor. "I come in at 8 a.m. and I have three classes in a row, but I come away from that so pumped with energy that it just propels me into the rest of my day."

“I am grateful for the group of people that I have met at Marist, such as my amazing colleagues and students,” said Dr. Neil Fitzgerald, Associate Dean of the School of Science and Professor of Chemistry.

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