New Faculty: School of Computer Science and Mathematics

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Dr. Malick Ndiaye, Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Malick received his MS and Ph.D. in Mathematics from the University of Francois Rabelais in Tours in France and his MS in Computer Science from the State University of New York at New Paltz. His research interests deal with limit cycles and the problem of the center in polynomial systems. 

Why Marist?

“Marist’s excellence in education and research opportunities are well known, and living in the Hudson Valley, I always saw this as an ideal fit for me.”

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“The past two years have been extremely competitive for the School of Computer Science and Mathematics. Not only were we competing with COVID-19, we were also contending with other universities and industry to attract new faculty talent in Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and Applied Mathematics. We were fortunate to be able to recruit a well-qualified, highly diverse, and enthusiastic faculty group. Our students will benefit greatly from them.”

- Dr. Roger Norton
Dean, School of Computer Science and Mathematics

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Dominick Foti, Professional Lecturer of Computing Technology

A Hudson Valley native, from Gardiner, New York, Dominick began his career developing cybersecurity intelligence for The Department of Homeland Security in 2014. Since then, he has held roles with large corporations, such as PricewaterhouseCoopers and Advance Publications, consulting Fortune 500 companies on cybersecurity strategy, risk, vulnerability management, threat intelligence, application security, and incident response. Dominick obtained his BS in Accounting, BA in Business Administration with a concentration in Information Technology Management, MS in Information Security and Digital Forensics, and MBA from The State University of New York at Albany, where he is also a senior researcher. He is actively pursuing a PhD in Information Science with a concentration in Information Assurance.

Why Marist?

“Marist has been a household name since I was young, with both my mother and sister being alumni. In fact, it was my first college campus tour in high school. I am honored to have the opportunity to positively impact the Marist campus community, just as it has impacted my family.”




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Dr. Reza Sadeghi, Assistant Professor of Computer Science

Reza has taught computer science and data analytics courses at Sacred Heart University, University of New Haven, Bay Path University, and Providence College. He has experience in teaching a variety of Computer Programming Languages, Data Structures, Database Management Systems, Data Mining, AI, Time Series Analysis, and Deep Learning. During his professional teaching career, he has enjoyed lecturing students of all backgrounds.

Why Marist?

“I am attracted to work at Marist College because of its great concentration on empowering students to be employed. 96% of Marist graduates are employed or attending graduate school within 6 months of graduation. The college direction and achievement are exactly a match for my personal goals for student empowerment and providing our next generation of students the tools that they need to create their dream careers.”



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Dr. Sandhya Aneja, Assistant Professor of Computer Science

Dr. Aneja received her MTech in Computer Applications from the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India and Ph.D. from the University of Delhi India. She is also a Visiting Research Scholar at the Department of Computer Science at Purdue University. She works in the area of Wireless Networks, Deep Learning, and Explainable AI. She has been working on problems related to point network-traffic data, graph-structured network-traffic data, and anomaly detection problems.

Why Marist?

“Marist’s excellence in education, a sense of community, a commitment to service, and research vision excited me to be a part of the Marist community. The Hudson Valley is gorgeous.”



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