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North Road Communications Expands with International Branch in Italy

Michelle Eggink, Assistant Director of Content Marketing & Communications
NRC firm directors left to right: Julia Pierce '25, Alexis Lee '24, Megan Christensen '24. Photo by NRC member Stella Shortino '24.

December 11, 2023 — North Road Communications (NRC) has officially gone global, becoming the first student-run integrated marketing communications (IMC) firm in the United States to expand internationally. And NRC is not done growing, as they continue to recruit dedicated and dynamic students of all majors onto their team.

A fully student-run integrated marketing firm within Marist’s School of Communication and the Arts, students provide a full portfolio of pro bono services, helping local and now global nonprofit organizations grow their brands.

NRC Global

NRC Global was founded to drive forward Marist's emphasis on global community service and give students the unique cultural opportunity to work for nonprofits while studying abroad. The firm's expansion was led by Alexis Lee '24, communications major and NRC firm director, while studying abroad at Marist Italy.

“When I started with NRC as a first-year student, the firm only had 50 members [now 97] and soon became the most beneficial and hands-on experience I’ve had at school,” said Alexis. “As I grew with the firm I realized I didn’t want to stop helping nonprofit clients when I went abroad to Marist Italy, so I worked with NRC’s faculty advisor Dr. Jennifer Robinette, to take NRC ‘global’ as a part of my capping project.”

Libero Accesso’s Leading the Blind Visual Impairment Awareness Event in Florence, Italy. Event publicized and photographed by four-year LDM NRC Global Members Brennda Melo '25 and Sam Riviezzo '24.
Libero Accesso’s Leading the Blind Visual Impairment Awareness Event in Florence, Italy. Event publicized and photographed by four-year LdM NRC Global Members Brennda Melo '25 and Sam Riviezzo '24. 

NRC Global has worked diligently to help their Italian client Libero Accesso, a nonprofit based out of Florence, Italy that works to make tourism more inclusive and accessible for those with disabilities. NRC’s new global firm director Madison Stavola '25 has continued Alexis’s mission of expanding community impact with other abroad NRC members. This work has included public relations, social media, marketing, and the curation and development of Libero Accesso’s website.

“The collaboration with American students extends Libero Accesso's reach beyond Italy,” said Veronica Ranucci, Founder of Libero Accesso. “It allows the organization to connect with an international audience and tap into a broader network for support, funding, and partnerships. Partnering with students provides an opportunity for educational growth for both parties and helps reduce the financial burden on our organization.”

NRC Global is open to all students studying abroad in Florence, including four-year students at Marist Italy, Marist's branch campus in Florence with programs that run in conjunction with Lorenzo de'Medici (LdM). Carrying the torch for next semester's NRC leadership will be Julia Pierce '25, who served as junior firm director this semester as part of her training to become global firm director next semester.

NRC Hudson Valley Success

As one of the nation’s largest student-run integrated marketing communications firms, it’s no surprise that NRC students are delivering high-impact results for their local clients and have a long waitlist of other eager local clients. At this year’s end-of-semester showcase in the Nelly Golletti Theater, twenty different NRC teams presented their work done for new and returning local clients.



NRC Students Secure Internships & Jobs

Image of NRC job placement graphic
NRC internship and job placements. Graphic courtesy of NRC.

The leadership opportunities NRC members receive are helping students land big internships and jobs while they're in school and when they graduate, according to firm directors Alexis Lee '24, Megan Christensen '24, and Julia Pierce '25. As they open up NRC applications to new members with their first diversity, equity, and inclusion recruitment campaign, they share the successes of NRC's current members and alumni.

“When we talk to other students about joining NRC they are excited to hear about the firm’s massive impact and how they can help nonprofits they are passionate about,” said Megan. “Our alumni base is so proud and supportive of our growth, and we love sharing the kinds of jobs NRC alumni get due to the experiences that they’ve had with NRC.”

Apply to NRC

Image of NRC firm growth graph
NRC’s growth over the last four semesters. Graph courtesy of NRC.

While NRC has reached 97 total firm members, they have plans to expand through the implementation of NRC’s first Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Recruitment Campaign, which focuses on diversifying their application pool by exposing NRC to different majors, cultures, and more. Applications are open to all majors to meet the growing demand for NRC services. Students can now receive a one-credit experiential learning course for their participation. Applications are available from now through December 21st). Apply here.


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