Student Achievement

Honoring the Class of 2023 - Part II

Michelle Eggink, Assistant Director of Content Marketing & Communications

This issue is dedicated to highlighting the Class of 2023 whose accomplishments have lived up to the institution's mission reflecting years of dedication, hard work, and commitment. Here are some of their stories.

image of Hi'ilei

Hi'ileiikauatuahine "Hi'ilei" Amundson - Major: Business Administration  

Hi'ilei will be graduating with a major in business administration with an emphasis in finance and a minor in French language studies. Hi'ilei was an active ambassador for the School of Management and Admissions Office while also holding leadership positions on the executive boards of the Marist Greek Council and Sigma Sigma Sigma. She was on the Marist Ethics Team and conducted equity and fixed-income research for the student-managed Greystone Equity Fund. Upon graduation, Hi'ilei will be returning to the Bank of New York Mellon as a rotational analyst within their Global Client Management Team. 

Favorite Marist Memories

Having the opportunity to study abroad in Greece for a short-term attachment, and Florence for a full semester: furthering her education, all while developing a broadened perspective of the world and various cultures.

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image of jonathan k

Jonathan Kinane - Major: Communication

Jonathan is graduating with a communication major with concentrations in sports communication and journalism and a minor in history. He was a member of the Marist College Honors Program, winner of the “Excellence in Sports Communication” award, and the Editor-in-Chief of Center Field, the campus sports publication. In his four years with the publication, he served as the beat writer for the Marist women’s basketball team while writing features, opinion pieces, and breaking news stories. He eventually worked his way up to become Editor-in-Chief of Center Field for the 2022-23 academic year. Post graduation Jonathan will be pursuing a master's degree in broadcast and digital journalism at Syracuse University. 

Favorite Marist Memory 
Time spent in Lowell Thomas 141, the Center for Sports Communication: a special sanctuary for students, faculty, and friends to share stories and feel at home.

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image of taylor koonce

Taylor Koonce - Major: Psychology, Philosophy

Taylor is graduating with a double major in psychology and philosophy with a minor in cognitive science. She has spent her time at Marist conducting research into discrimination, racial & gender theory, and feminist philosophy. Taylor's career goal is to be a mental health counselor who specializes in working with queer youth. For the past year, she has been interning at the Dutchess County Pride Center. Taylor will be attending NYU Steinhardt's Mental Health Counseling graduate program and completing a dual degree in LGBT Health, Education, and Social Services.

Favorite Marist Memory 

Sledding down the Marist green hill on a cardboard box during snow days.

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image of jack kraus

Jack Kraus - Major: Political Science 

Jack graduates as a political science major with a paralegal certificate. Jack spent his freshman year in the Freshman Florence Experience program, where he studied abroad at the Marist Italy campus in Florence. While in Poughkeepsie, Jack was a member of Pi Sigma Alpha, Marist Votes, worked as an Assistant Resident Director of Champagnat Hall, and interned at a local law firm. He recently accepted a position at a law firm focusing on intellectual property in Washington, D.C. 

Favorite Marist Memories

Touring an author’s mansion in northern Italy after reading their book in class, seeing historic Sirmione on Lake Como in Italy, and participating in the National Model United Nations Conference in New York City.

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image of Meghan O’Loughlin

Meghan O’Loughlin  - Major: Computer Science, Cybersecurity 

Meghan is graduating with a double major in computer science and cybersecurity. She was an ROTC cadet, c/CSM of her battalion, and participated in club lacrosse. Meghan received the Dr. William Cadden Achievement Award for Excellence in Computer Science and interned with IBM Research in Quantum Security while studying at Marist. In the fall, Meghan plans to combine her passion for aviation and civilian defense to work in the aerospace industry.

Favorite Marist Memory

Presenting her research on Quantum Algorithm Applications at a series of conferences from Lake George, NY, to Columbus, OH.

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image of Obidinma Egbokwu

Obidinma Egbokwu  - Major: Biology, Psychology 

Obidinma is graduating with a double major in biology and psychology and a minor in cognitive science. She served as the Student Liaison on the SGA Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Board and was the President of the African Student Association. Obidinma also led the planning committee for Mon Afrique 2023, an event showcasing the diversity of African culture. Academically, she presented research on the impact of DEI courses on college undergraduates' acceptance and awareness at conferences such as APA, NRHC, and CURSCA 2022. After graduation, she will be participating in the University of Chicago Leadership Alliance SR-EIP program, carrying out research focused on perception and judgment, before pursuing a Ph.D. in the field of social psychology.

Favorite Marist Memories

Late-night conversations with friends in the Student Center, study sessions in the anatomy and physiology lab, picnics by the river, hosting events such as the cultural dinner dance and Latin night, and leading club events such as the ASA Thanksgiving where African dishes were served.

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