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Cecilia Walsh

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Cecilia Walsh

Voorheesville, NY

Academic School



New York

What are your career goals / academic goals?

I’ve always been passionate about helping people, and I wanted to continue my academic journey to aid in advancing my career path in the field of public service. Within the first year of attendance in the program I was able to put my transferrable skills to use and obtain a new job. I genuinely believe this program instilled the self-assurance that I needed to jump into a new phase of my professional life.

Why did you choose to pursue your graduate degree at Marist? Why did you choose to pursue this degree program?

I was looking for a program that would allow me to attend classes while balancing my career and home life. As a parent and full-time government employee it was imperative that a level of flexibility was available for me. I am able to complete my course work during nights and weekends, and still thrive in all of the areas of my life that are important to me.

Tell us about a project or course that was particularly meaningful to your professional development / academic development.

From the first introductory MPA course I knew that I made the right choice in selecting a program that fit my needs. The curriculum is designed to cover the fundamentals of theory and research of public administration work, and then offer students the opportunity to apply them to real-world modern issues facing public managers today. It is difficult to choose only one project or course that stands out, as I have found real-world value in all of them.

Once course that I particularly enjoyed and was emblematic of the MPA program as a whole was “Organizational Theory and Change.” The course not only covered topics of organizational behavior, organization theory, and change management, but also allowed for self-reflection on how these concepts apply to programmatic decision making in the real world.

Tell us about a meaningful experience you had at Marist as it pertains to your degree (whether that be with a Professor, Marist service, Scholarship opportunity, etc.).

The courses in the MPA program have offered real-life applications to government and non-profit work. The professors are experts in their fields and are attentive to the needs of their students.

What advice would you give to a student considering pursuing this degree at Marist?

When you attend this program, you are offered the opportunity to learn from academic experts who are committed to advancing the field of public administration. Also, the diverse backgrounds of the students in the program offer a variety of perspectives and viewpoints that aid to the overall learning experience.

Please include any additional pertinent information as it pertains to your course of study and/or Marist experience.

As a returning student I was nervous about adjusting back into the academic life – but the Marist program offers online supports that are accessible and helpful. My only regret about his program is not starting sooner!