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Chelsea Marie Dua

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Chelsea Marie Dua

Yonkers, NY

Academic School

Communication & the Arts


New York

Chelsea Dua is a senior from Yonkers, New York majoring in communication with a concentration in public relations. She has been a member of Marist Singers, WMAR, Asian Alliance, and North Road Communications.

What made you choose Marist? 
I chose Marist for various reasons; the first being its prestigious Communications program. I heard many great things about the program, the numerous options for electives, and the internship opportunities. The second reason is that it is not too far from home. The last reason as to why I chose Marist is because of the beautiful campus. Nothing beats the beautiful sunsets at Marist.

How did you choose your major? 
At first, I came into Marist as a journalism major, but after having the option of taking PR classes, I fell in love with the field. I believe that Marist gives you time to figure out what you're really interested in before committing.

What internships have you done?  
Last year, I was enrolled in the Marist in Manhattan Program. Students who were part of the program immersed themselves in the real world as we lived in an apartment and interned at placements scattered throughout the city. I interned for Warner Music Group specifically for the Radio Promotion department for Atlantic Records. While I was there, I learned so much about the music industry and met many influential people such as Ed Sheeran and Julie Greenwald, CEO of Atlantic. Last semester, with the help of the Communication Internship Center, I was able to intern for SONY Music Entertainment.

How has Marist prepared you for life after graduation?
Marist has helped me become a well-rounded person overall by requiring me to take classes in fields other than my own. Aside from helping me land internships at renowned companies, Marist has helped me gain knowledge and acquire necessary skills needed for the workforce.

Do you have any advice for high school juniors or seniors considering Marist? 
My advice to future students is that before committing to a college or university, you want to make sure that you know a lot about that school. I did a lot of research before applying to Marist. And my research uncovered a lot of details about Marist that I found appealing, and I am sure other students will find them appealing as well.


Written by Nicolette Muro '18