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David Orr

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David Orr

Newburgh, NY

Academic School

Communication & the Arts


New York

David Orr is a current transfer student at Marist studying Sports Communication. He is from Newburgh, New York and was always familiar with Marist growing up in the local area. After spending a year at another four-year institution in Albany, David realized the school was not the right fit and decided to look at other options to continue his college career in the Hudson Valley.

What made you choose to transfer to Marist?

My mother and sister went to Marist, and I was always familiar with the beautiful campus and great opportunities with academics, study abroad options, and activities outside of the classroom. I knew I wanted to transfer and continue my college career at Marist studying on a campus in a great location in the Hudson Valley.

Can you talk about your experience with the faculty so far?

Although it is still my first semester at Marist, I’ve already formed strong relationships with my professors. I’m currently enrolled in six courses and did not waste any time diving into my academic career. Whether I need help with a daily classroom assignment or have a question about a paper or exam, the professors are very open to meeting and helping their students. They make it very easy to reach out to them, and they are extremely responsive and open to working with all students.

What is your experience like in the Transfer Seminar course at Marist?

Taking the Transfer Seminar course has definitely allowed me to better understand the inner workings of being a Marist student. The faculty teaching the course understand that students are coming from different two- and four-year schools and that every school is different. So far in the course, we’ve been able to hear from a plethora of offices on campus about study abroad opportunities and the accessibility of abroad options, resources within the library, and other helpful information to know about the campus.

Can you speak about your experience living on campus?

My experience living in the residence hall has been pretty good so far. All of the transfer students are housed together, which has been helpful since we are all in the same boat. I live with a wide variety of transfer students, and we are all working together to get to know the campus as best we can.  

What are your plans for next summer?

I already have an internship lined up with Cisco for next summer, and I look forward to traveling to the West Coast for further opportunities within the company.