Image of Dylan Friedman

Dylan Friedman

Image of Dylan Friedman

Dylan Friedman

Brooklyn, NY

Academic School

Communication & the Arts


New York

How did you find out about Marist?

I was familiar with Marist’s academic reputation, and coming from a larger school, I was seeking a considerably smaller campus setting that was closer to home and had a strong D1 tennis program. Marist checked all the boxes, especially with the communications curriculum I was seeking.

What was your transfer application/admission experience like?

My transfer process at Marist was way easier than going through this process the first time. However, mine was a bit different than most being an athlete.  Once I got my athletic pre-read back from admissions, I filled out my Common Application and waited for the letter. The tennis coach was very proactive in getting my transcript evaluated and then inviting me to watch the team in competition. I was very enthused about the academics in relation to my major, and the tennis recruiting sealed the deal that Marist was the school for me.

Why did you transfer to Marist?

I transferred because I wanted a smaller environment that could provide me with more individual academic attention. I also wanted a school that was close to home and had a Division I tennis team.

What is your favorite Marist memory so far?

Meeting my suitemates. we all have become super close and are making the most of our time together.

What are you currently involved in on campus?

Besides being an athlete, I am a member of Center Field and the Circle, two newspaper and reporting organizations that Marist offers.

Are you happy with your decision to transfer to Marist?

Could not be happier. I find the student body and faculty very friendly, and even though we don’t have our entire team here this semester, I am very fond of my new teammates. The tennis team is your comfort zone, especially for freshmen and transfers. The fact that we have been still able to train together during these unusual circumstances has been an extremely positive experience.

How has your experience been with faculty on campus?

They have been so supportive, helping us through technical difficulties during these crazy times, and have been understanding if life gets in the way of an assignment, exam, or class.  Everyone knew this semester would be challenging, but Marist has done a wonderful job in balancing protocol with learning.

Are you taking the Transfer Seminar Course and if so, what do you like most about it?

I am taking it; I like it because I am learning about all of the resources Marist has for every field of study that I had not previously known about.

What is one piece of advice you would give a prospective transfer student?

That is an easy one. I felt very confident that Marist was the right school for me, and the experience of being on campus during this hybrid protocol has just amplified that feeling for me. The faculty and staff have made this semester very rewarding, and I can’t wait until we can start playing real matches. Simply put...come to Marist...Go Red Foxes!!!