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Katie Lavin

Image of Katie Lavin

Katie Lavin

Mahopac, NY

Academic School

Liberal Arts


New York

Q: What made you decide to transfer to Marist?
A: I transferred to Marist in the middle of my freshman year because I was really unhappy at my previous institution. Ultimately, I decided to transfer to Marist because of the community, opportunities, and education that Marist offers. Marist offered me an opportunity to be challenged academically while also giving me all of the support structures that I would need to be successful. I also really liked that the class sizes at Marist are kept between twenty to twenty-five students, which gave me the opportunity to really get to know my professors.

Q: What kind of support services did Marist offer to ease the transition while transferring?
A: Marist makes sure that the transition to Marist during the transferring process is as smooth as possible. The Registrar looks at all of the credits that you have coming into the school and applies them to the classes you have to take at Marist to make sure you don’t have to take anything twice. The Registrar also makes the schedule for students' first semester, so there's one less thing for students to worry about when they are making this transition. Socially, Marist offers the First Year Program and Peer Mentor Program so that students are able to find an immediate connection to Marist, and to a network of peers and professionals who are able to aid them in their transition to the Marist community.

Q: What is one thing you wish you knew before transferring?
A: One thing I wish I knew before transferring is that there is no negative stigma attached to transfer students. That was the biggest thing I was worried about when I transferred to Marist, but everyone was really welcoming and helpful to me in my transition. Being a transfer student helped me get more involved on campus, and allowed me to meet so many new people.

Q: What was the transferring process like?
A: The transferring process was actually very simple. I personally used the Common App, although Marist does accept its own application format, too. I also received a very quick turnaround regarding my acceptance. 

Q: What general advice would you give to a student considering transferring?
A: I would encourage students who are considering transferring to take advantage of everything that is being offered from whatever institution you are looking to transfer to. Marist offers in-person tours and information sessions, as well as different virtual sessions with professional staff and students who have transferred to Marist, allowing you to hear firsthand what it's like to transfer to Marist. I would also tell students to keep an open mind and to go outside of their comfort zones. 

Q: What is your favorite thing about Marist?
A: My favorite thing about Marist is the community. Although Marist is not a huge school, the school spirit would make you think otherwise. Everyone in the Marist community genuinely loves Marist and is kind, caring, and compassionate. The professors are also great - I have never had a bad experience with a professor at Marist. The class sizes being so small allows professors to get to know students as individuals, and they really do care about their students. 

Q: What helped you the most during the transfer process?
A: What helped me the most during my transfer process was the professional staff at Marist in First Year Programs and the community of students who transferred to Marist at the same time as I did. The First Year staff put on a lot of programs and events which allowed me to get to know my peers, many of whom I am still friends with.