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Mackenzie Constantinou

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Mackenzie Constantinou

Newport Beach, CA

Academic School

Communication & the Arts



Previous Education (degree and institution): 
I attended the University of California, Berkeley for my Bachelors of Arts in Anthropology and my Bachelors of Arts in History of Art.

Why did you choose to pursue your degree at Marist/LdM: 
When I was applying to graduate schools I took into consideration the learning environment. For me, when I studied abroad in Rome during my undergraduate career I was inspired by the art, history, and culture which were all subject I had devoted by education towards. I wanted my Master’s program to be a similar experience, something that I thought would not be plausible in the United States. The ability to be surrounding and immersed in art and culture was the deciding point for me, especially since I am interested in antiquities. 

Tell us about a project or course that was particularly meaningful to your professional development: 
I strongly believe that all of the courses in the Lorenzo de Medici, Marist College, and Università degli Studi di Firenze joint Master’s program are strongly applicable towards the art and museum world. However, my favorite courses were Art Law with Sofia Ciuffoletti, Transcultural Aesthetics with Emanuela Rossi, and Il museo e l’opera d’arte with Donatella Pegazzano. The Art Law and Transcultural Aesthetics course were applicable to my thesis topic; additionally they both cover timely subject matters that are ever present in the art world. Furthermore, the opportunity to take a course at the Università degli Studi di Firenze not only offered me a new educational experience, but it furthered my understanding and comprehension of the Italian language. 

Where did you do your internship?
I interned at the Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Firenze specifically in Museo Egizio di Firenze. 

What type of museum career are you pursuing, or are you planning on earning another degree?
My area of focus is in antiquities, anthropology, and ethics in relation to transcultural displays. Since being out of the academic world, I have realized that my questions are more academic. I have begun to consider going back to school and earning a Ph.D., though that is not decided yet. I am currently working at an international art auction house, and I am enjoying applying my degrees to work while continuously learning.

Where did you travel during your time in Italy?
I had the opportunity to travel throughout Italy, as well as Spain, Morocco, England, Denmark, Hong Kong, Korea, Scotland, and the Netherlands. My cohort also took a trip to Switzerland for a long weekend, which was an incredible opportunity.

What was your favorite place in Florence and why?
There are numerous fantastic places in Florence, from the infamous museums to the stunning piazzas, and the more time I lived there the more I discovered. However, I enjoyed spending time at the Biblioteca delle Oblate. The library was always filled with students, the architecture is beautiful, and the top floor has a spectacular view of the Duomo, something that is a rarity without tourists.

What advice would you give to a student considering pursuing their master’s degree at Marist/LdM:  
The Marist College/Lorenzo de Medici program is strongly geared towards the professional working world, and it has built connections throughout the city of Florence. The program requires you to be a self-starter, individual thinker, and passionate. In return, it provides you with great professional building blocks and unique experiences.