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Maggie Montalto

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Maggie Montalto

Burlington, NJ

Academic School

Communication & the Arts


New York

What made you choose to attend to Marist? What about Marist’s IMC program appealed to you?

When the COVID-19 pandemic began, I was laid off from my job in the theater industry. Having limited experience in marketing, I realized that to advance my career outside of the theater world I would need a formal education in the subject area. What lead me to the IMC program at Marist was the flexible asynchronous online format and the variety of courses. 

How have the faculty within the IMC Program supported you as a student?

The faculty within the IMC program are incredibly diverse. They have a wealth of knowledge that has allowed me to see all the ways the IMC degree can be applied to various roles within the marketing industry. Throughout my time as a student, they have always been available to answer questions and provide meaningful feedback that I can apply to real-life situations.

Can you speak about how IMC program has helped your career?

Even before my IMC degree was completed having it listed on my resume with my expected graduation year was immensely helpful. It made me more marketable as a job candidate because hiring managers could see I was gaining up-to-date knowledge about the latest marketing techniques and technologies. Now, with a job as a marketing specialist, I am able to present what I have learned in my classes to my more experienced co-workers and share fresh perspective and new technologies that may have not existed when they were completing their education.

What has your favorite class been so far?

My favorite class was Public Relations Management with Dr. Damiano. As a final project, we were tasked with creating full public relations plan for a local non-profit. We were responsible for doing research, developing project timelines, and creating examples of marketing materials. It was a great teamwork exercise. 

Can you provide some tips for new students to get acclimated to an online class environment?

To get acclimated to the online class environment you must familiarize yourself with iLearn. Take some time to browse and study the different sections. Also, take some time to introduce yourself to your classmates. If you don’t understand an assignment and need clarification quickly, they are immensely helpful. Developing relationships with them will make the work a lot more enjoyable. 

What advice can you give students about balancing work/life/school as a graduate student?

The best advice I have for students about balancing work, life, and school is to create detailed schedules. Each week make a list of all the tasks you must accomplish and allocate the appropriate amount of time to complete them. Review your syllabi often and reach out to your professors when you’re struggling.

What advice do you have for prospective students considering Marist?

Prospective students should set high standards for themselves and live up to them. Marist gives students the tools to succeed but it is the student’s responsibility to apply them in a meaningful way.