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Max Darrington

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Max Darrington

London, England

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New York

Max Darrington is a junior from London, England majoring in business, finance, and accounting; he is also a part of the Honors Program. Outside of the classroom, Max is an intern at Pearson Coast Capital, a member of the Tennis team, a writer for Business Review, and an intramural soccer player.

What made you decide to come to Marist?
I was recruited to play tennis here. I visited here for my recruitment trip and met some of the faculty members and people in the athletic department and fell in love with it all. I was shown the library as part of the tour and the view of the Hudson was unbelievable. Coupled with the fantastic people I’d met, it was an easy decision.

Where are you interning this semester?
I’m interning at Pearson Coast Capital (PCC), which is essentially a private equity firm. I work there as an associate analyst, so I analyze various companies and see if they’re a good fit for PCC. I also get to work with the managing directors Pat and Amanda frequently. They are great people and are helping me gain valuable knowledge and experience in investment management and acquisitions.

How do you balance interning and playing a sport with your academic schedule?
This can be very difficult! Sometimes I have to work long shifts at the office and try to get back on campus for practice. However, my coach has been really good about it; he makes it possible to juggle a few things at once - but I’ve run to the tennis courts in my suit more times than I can count!

What clubs, sports or activities are you most passionate about?
I’m a writer for the Marist Business Review, which I think is a really positive outlet for students to present any well-founded ideas or theories they have regarding their interests in the business world. I take a great interest in the economy, and how it's so volatile these days. I wrote a piece on Brexit, as it was close to my heart, and the effects it had on the British economy and, as a result, the people. I am also pleased to say a few friends and I play intramural soccer. The team looks strong this year, however, we still need to find another man upfront, because our current center forward ...not to name any names...has two left feet!

What are your goals for junior year?
My goal is to keep working hard on the tennis court with the lads and hopefully get to the NCAAs at the end of the year. I hope to be working for a “big 4” accounting firm or an investment bank in the summer, for which the application process is now beginning. I’m also running the NYC marathon this year as well, so I'm hoping to get across the line in under four hours. I'm running to raise funds for Team for Kids which is a great charity!

What advice do you have for high school juniors and seniors considering Marist?
Marist is a great place for somebody to discover their passion. You meet many like-minded kids who are eager to learn and have fun. This, coupled with the great resources Marist has and the beautiful campus, will be a great place to spend your next four years.

Written by Nicole Benedetto '18