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Michelle Venditto

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Michelle Venditto

Clark, New Jersey

Academic School

Communication & the Arts



What made you choose to attend Marist? What about Marist’s IMC program appealed to you?
I chose to attend Marist and participate in the IMC graduate program because the curriculum felt unique and in line with how the job market for IMC careers currently looks. Marist’s IMC curriculum looks at every branch of IMC – from public relations to marketing research, showing a real understanding of how expansive the field really is. Not many schools offer IMC programs specifically, with many just focusing on Marketing or Communications. 

Another big factor when choosing Marist was its virtual nature. When I was deciding on grad school during the Summer of 2020, as the world shifted to virtual education, I loved that the Marist IMC program had always been virtual – even pre-pandemic. This made me feel confident that Marist already knew the ins and outs of remote education and could provide a refined approach to this style of learning.  

How have the faculty within the IMC Program supported you as a student?
The faculty within the IMC Program have been extremely supportive. They offer thorough feedback and are always more than happy to work through challenges with students. 

Can you speak about how the IMC program has helped your career?
The IMC program has helped me keep my eyes open to what other brands are doing, and stay aware of industry trends and famous case studies. It’s easy to keep your head down and focus in on your day-to-day at work, but the Marist IMC program has kept me alert with new approaches and strategies that I can implement at work.

What has your favorite class?
Social Media Strategies and Tactics has been one of my favorite courses. I loved how it was set up for each project to build off the last. I felt like I was able to refine and revise my thinking a ton during that course. I also liked the certification aspect, as HubSpot and HootSuite look great on a resume. 

Can you provide some tips for new students to get acclimated to an online class environment?
I would recommend doing a little bit each day, since the asynchronous online environment can make it easy for work to pile up. If classwork is built into your routine, it makes it easier to get it done progressively instead of all at once. 

What advice can you give students about balancing work/life/school as a graduate student?
Utilize your mornings if you can. Getting up a little earlier to knock out some classwork can help keep school out of your workday and leave room for social life. 

What advice do you have for prospective students considering Marist?
My advice would be to go for it! You’ll be exposed to many new people and get to grow your career further.