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Murray Coueslant

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Murray Coueslant

Aberdeen, Scotland

Academic School

Computer Science and Math


New York

Murray is a Computer Science Major with minors in Information Technology and Information Systems.

I came to Marist as a freshman in 2017. With a desire to have an adventure in college; the State of New York, and Marist College, seemed like the ideal place to go. I’ve loved my time at Marist, in the classroom as well as part of the Swimming and Diving team.

The defining element of my Marist experience has been the people I have met. My peers, faculty, staff, and coaches have made the past three years as special as they could possibly have been. I’ll forever be thankful to the people who took me under their wing and made me feel like I had a home so far away
from home.

The School of Computer Science and Mathematics has provided me with so many opportunities that I am not sure I would have been able to have elsewhere. From working in the Marist/IBM Joint Study during my freshman summer to completing independent projects with excellent teachers, getting data center experience under my belt in the basement of Hancock and even on the main floor at IBM in Poughkeepsie, or simply spending time in the Hancock atrium conversing with faculty and peers. My education at Marist has benefitted massively from the care and attention of the department and its
people. I couldn’t be more grateful.

As I move on in my educational journey towards obtaining a doctorate in Computer Science, the foundation which Marist College has provided me throughout courses, research opportunities, and independent projects stand me in a great position to undertake research at the highest level in my field.