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Nick Tormey

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Nick Tormey

Paramus, NJ

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Communication & the Arts


New York

Nick graduated from Marist in 2017 with a BA in media studies and production. He is currently working as an assistant editor at Marvel New Media, Marvel’s digital department. His role includes editing videos seen on, the YouTube channel, and social media. Normally, Nick edits multiple videos per week from start to finish at Marvel headquarters in New York City, but he occasionally gets to travel with the team to edit on-site at conventions like San Diego Comic Con.

What have you been up to since graduation?

After months of post-graduation job searching, I was hired as a video producer for a small production company that specialized in local TV commercials. Although it wasn’t my dream job, it fast-tracked my experience exponentially and helped me land my actual dream job at Marvel only six months later. Now I work as an Assistant Editor at Marvel New Media, Marvel’s digital department, where I edit many of the videos that are posted on and across the company's various social media channels.

What’s an average day/week at work like for you?

As you would expect from a job in post-production, my days at Marvel’s New York City office typically consist of a lot of editing, but the wide range of content we produce is what makes every day different. One day I might be working on a Marvel-themed cooking show and the next I’ll be editing a short-form documentary about a comic artist or cosplayer. Plus, with all the movies, TV shows, comics, and video games being released so rapidly, there is never a dull moment!

Thinking of your career thus far, is there a moment or accomplishment that you’re most proud of?

Only a few months into working at Marvel, I was given the opportunity to go to San Diego Comic Con to edit video packages for our livestream. It was four days of nonstop editing, sometimes finishing packages with minutes to spare before they went live on the show, but the end result was incredibly rewarding, and I couldn't have been prouder of myself and the entire team for the job we did. I can’t wait to head back to San Diego and do it all again this summer!

What’s one thing that most surprised you about the actual work / day-to-day of working in this industry – something others might not realize is something they should expect?

It’s well known that Marvel is a big company, but it surprised me just how many people are involved in everything we make. The same is true across the entire media industry. There’s a job for everything!

How did Marist help prepare you for your success?

There were many ways in which Marist helped prepare me for success, but one specific example during my interview at Marvel comes to mind. I was asked how comfortable I was with EditShare, a shared storage system used in post-production and something they didn't expect someone so early in their career to know a lot about. Luckily, I had been using it in my production classes at Marist since freshman year. It’s little things like that that continually pop up that make me very grateful for my Marist education.

What is your fondest memory of Marist?

One of the most memorable and unique experiences I had at Marist was during my senior year, when I traveled to North Carolina for the Marist vs. Duke basketball game. While there, I made a video about a group of student leaders who used the game as an opportunity to open a dialogue about equality on college campuses. It was one of those times I was able to use my skills to tell an amazing story and hopefully make a difference.

Thinking back to your first year of college, what advice would you now give yourself?

I often doubted my career path freshman year, especially when others would point out the apparent lack of jobs and money in the media industry. Knowing where I am now, I would tell myself that with persistence, patience, and most importantly, passion, you’ll do just fine.

Something you’re looking forward to (professionally or personally)?

Even if I didn’t work for Marvel, I would still be looking forward to the next big movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Now that I work in the thick of things, I can still be a fan while at the same time using that excitement to leave my small mark on Marvel history.