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Rose Hill

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Rose Hill

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Strength in Numbers
Rose Hill ’21 Advocates For Her Community

Nothing can compare to the feeling of support from your classmates, and Rose Hill knows exactly how that feels. A sophomore from Middlebury, Connecticut, Hill is very active on campus, raising awareness of issues that are important to her and her fellow students.

As treasurer of Fox Pride and a member of Marist FEMME (Feminist Empowerment Mobilizing Maintaining Equity) and STARR (Students Together for Advancement of Reproductive Rights), Hill is all in for advocating for her school community. “To me, advocacy is using your voice to assist a group of marginalized people who may or may not face the same adversity that you do,” said Hill. “A person can use their privilege to help those who are less privileged. I think that it is important that the LGBTQ+ youth are not forgotten in the fight for equality. Their rights are just as important as those of their adult counterparts, especially because of the extra challenges these youth face every day. In addition, women of color are the backbone of this country even though their pay does not always reflect their hard work. They are not equally represented in academia, on film, and even in modern-day intersectional feminism.”

Hill notes the importance of having clubs on campus that advocate for different issues relevant to students. “During our club meetings, we talk about topics that are impacting each community, such as Fox Pride’s annual Coming Out meeting. Last month, the Black Student Union (BSU) welcomed STARR to their event on sex, love, and relationships. STARR members were able to talk about sexual health and provide contraceptives. And FEMME held an intersectionality panel for women's history month that was an open discussion on the intersections between, race, gender, religion, sexuality, and feminism.”

Earlier this year, Hill was asked by the charitable organization Friends of Jaclyn to be the guest coach for its annual women’s basketball game at Marist. Friends of Jaclyn is a foundation that pairs childhood cancer patients with high school and collegiate teams across the country to provide them with a steady support system during their battle with cancer. “I was so honored when Coach Erin of my alma mater, Holy Cross High School, reached out to me to see if I was interested in being Friends of Jaclyn’s guest coach,” said Hill. Jaclyn Murphy, the foundation’s namesake, is a Marist graduate. “Having that Marist connection to the foundation made the opportunity even more special,” said Hill.

Her guest coaching experience gave Hill a chance to connect on a personal level with Marist athletes. “On the day of the game, I was invited into the locker room with the team,” said Hill, “I really felt the team environment and how supportive the girls were.” Hill was able to sit on the bench with the team throughout the entire game, and at halftime, she took a picture with the team and Athletics Director Tim Murray. “It was a really nice day; I felt so supported, and it was awesome to shed a light on the great work that Friends of Jaclyn does every day.”

Hill puts her major in political science and minor in public relations to good use as part of her internship at Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney’s office in Newburgh. “I started interning with Congressman Maloney in the fall of last year, and it has been a great experience,” said Hill. Her duties include working with constituents, collaborating with the district office, doing casework with the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Internal Revenue Service, and answering the phone and writing letters. “It is so nice to be able to get a sense of every department,” said Hill, “It is making it easier to see where my priority areas will be in the future.”

Hill’s commitment to advocacy extends into all aspects of her life. “On a personal level, I advocate for others by not being a bystander. I refuse to allow someone to become a victim of oppression while I can do something to stop it. I think that we can all become advocates and refuse to stay silent when faced with everyday injustices,” said Hill.

After graduation, Hill hopes to find her way to Washington, DC to pursue a career in political science. “I plan to apply for Marist’s Washington, DC program next year in order to get a sense of the city,” said Hill, “My dream is to one day be a part of Congress.”