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Pumpkin Spice: Friend or Foe?

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Photo by fahrwasser/ Illustration by Carlo de Jesus/Marist College

October 23, 2023 - To spice, or not to spice? That was the question we asked in the Oct. 17 edition of Inside Marist. Each fall (and now, even into late summer) the pumpkin spice craze sweeps the country, and so we wanted to know what you think. Some of you were very creative, and so we’ve featured our favorite responses below!

“Pumpkin spice is a playful friend, rekindling my inner child. It brings cozy lattes, sweet pies, and aromatic candles, reminding us to enjoy the simplicity of things and the change around us. However, too much of anything is never a good thing. That’s why it is seasonal!”
 - Jessica Stanczak '27, business major

A pumpkin spice friend's poem:
"Oh Pumpkin Spice
How I love thee
Your flavor is full-bodied
And oh so Autumn-eee

I long for your presence
In Shop Rite's dairy case
To brighten my mornings
With your sweet warm embrace"
 - Chris Algozzine, Senior Professional Lecturer of Information Systems

“Enough is enough with the Pumpkin Spice! Are there no other spices in the world? 😜”
 - Dave Rogers, Marist College ROTC Coordinator

A pumpkin spice foe's haiku:
"Pumpkin spice, my foe.
Order up? The answer’s no.
Basic cup of Joe…"
 - Megan Dwyer, Marist College Associate Director, Social/Digital

Thanks to all who submitted responses! If you’re all-in on pumpkin spice or just an occasional sipper, the flavor is available to add to coffee beverages at the Steel Plant Cafe, Books & Bean in the library, and Taste of Florence in the Hancock Center.

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