Weinman Family Pledges Additional $500,000 to Presidential Fund for Equity in the Marist Experience

Chrissie Williams and Sarah Colomello
Kevin and Beth Weinman at the Marist College Homecoming and Reunion Weekend 2022. Photo by Carlo de Jesus/Marist College.

April 30, 2024 — Marist College President Kevin Weinman and his wife, Beth, are pleased to announce a $500,000 gift to the Presidential Fund for Equity in the Marist Experience (the “Presidential Equity Fund”). This pledge adds to their initial gift of $250,000 in December 2021 to establish the fund and to the generous gifts of several hundred other donors since the fund was established.

“The impact that the Presidential Equity Fund has had on Marist students has exceeded our wildest dreams,” Kevin said. “Beth and I are grateful for the support of other donors, and we are pleased to extend our own support of Marist’s students through another contribution to this fund.” 

In just two years, the Presidential Equity Fund has enabled over 300 Marist students with financial need to say yes to invaluable experiences such as attachment courses with a travel component and unpaid internships that prepare students for careers of choice.

"This pledge, in addition to the Weinmans’ previous commitment, speaks volumes about their deep dedication to Marist and unflagging devotion to our students,” said Ross Mauri '80/P'15, Chair of the Marist Board of Trustees. “The support provided by Kevin and Beth has already transformed the lives of many Marist students and continues to set a powerful example  — challenging us to consider how our own contributions can help shape more equitable and empowering learning opportunities for all.”

Experiences Made Possible Through The Fund’s Resources
The Presidential Equity Fund opens access to life-changing opportunities. For example, James Hickman '24, a political science major, was able to intern with the Eastern District Court of New York thanks to an award from the Presidential Equity Fund.

“I was able to conduct research, sit in on federal proceedings of every kind before numerous judges, participate in moot court, and even write opinions for ongoing cases,” said Hickman. “I cannot stress enough that it is the support I received from the Presidential Fund that made this internship possible. It is my hope that [the Fund] will afford other students similar opportunities free of the financial strain that is typical of working an unpaid internship.”

Image of James Hickman '24 during his internship with the Eastern District Court of New York.
James Hickman '24 during his internship with the Eastern District Court of New York. Photo courtesy of James Hickman '24.

Hickman is not alone. Dozens of students have secured internships and test-driven careers that give them invaluable on-the-job experience and career preparation as a result of support from the Presidential Equity Fund.

In addition, many students with financial need have been provided with grants from the Presidential Equity Fund that enable them to participate in attachment courses to travel the world with Marist faculty for educational experiences outside the classroom.

Attachment courses have become a signature offering of a Marist education. Recent and upcoming courses have enabled students to study environmental science in Iceland, international business in South Africa, the origins of democracy in Greece, fashion in Barcelona, and art in South Korea, among dozens of other courses and locations.

Keanna Williams '24 recently traveled to Italy as part of her Business Administration studies and reflected upon the deep impact the experience had on her.

“It opened a world of opportunities for personal and academic growth, and it also allowed me to immerse myself in a different culture and gain a global perspective,” she said.

Image of Keanna Williams '24 during her short-term attachment program in Italy..
Keanna Williams '24 during her short-term attachment program in Italy. Photo by Keanna Williams '24.

Growing Support and Growing Need
From its inception, the Weinmans’ generosity has inspired contributions from others who share their vision of access and equity in the Marist experience. For example, Board Chair Ross Mauri and his wife Barbara matched the Weinmans’ founding gift in 2021, and every member of the Marist College Board of Trustees made a gift to the Presidential Equity Fund on the occasion of Kevin’s inauguration celebration in September 2022. Since then, hundreds of Marist alumni, parents, faculty, staff, students, and friends have donated to the fund, including over 100 who collectively gave $45,000 during Marist’s inaugural Day of Giving on March 20.

Image of President Weinman meeting with students during the College’s inaugural Day of Giving on March 20.

President Weinman meets with students during the College’s inaugural Day of Giving on March 20. Photo by Nelson Echeverria/Marist College.

Yet, even with the generous support of the Weinman family and so many others, the need for funds to enable Marist students with financial need to participate in these transformative learning opportunities continues to outpace existing resources.

“Marist’s inaugural Day of Giving proved that the Marist community shares the Weinmans’ deep belief in equal access to invaluable college experiences,” Vice President of College Advancement Chris DelGiorno said. “Through this unique fund, Marist is able to support students and help them achieve their goals, both in and out of the classroom. We hope others who share the Weinmans’ vision for access and opportunity consider supporting this impactful fund.

Kevin and Beth echo Chris’s sentiments.

“Beth and I were extremely fortunate to have had full access to all that our undergraduate and graduate programs offered us, and to have enjoyed success in our careers that allowed us to create and support this fund that means so much to both of us,” Kevin said. “We love Marist dearly and believe deeply in Marist 100’s bold and ambitious goal to ‘improve the world through education.’ As such, we are thrilled to be giving back and giving forward. There is nothing more rewarding than supporting Marist students!”

Application deadlines are approaching for summer internships. Students may apply beginning May 1 on the Presidential Equity Fund website.

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