Career Services

For Employers

Marist College attracts top employers to recruit its students. With an increasing number of employers recruiting Marist students, competition is growing as employers and students do whatever they can to gain a competitive advantage. Our programs are available to support Marist students, as well as prospective employers, in achieving career success. 

Below is an outline of the many recruiting programs we have to offer:

  • Career and Internship Fair: This event, held twice a year, is an opportunity for students to network with employers. Employers come to campus to promote their organizations and share valuable advice and information with Marist students regarding career trends, employment outlook and occupational options. 
  • On-Campus Recruiting (OCR): Recruiting officially spans for the Fall from September through December and in the Spring from January through May. We do make exceptions to those time lines if they are not convenient for an employer. All employers manager their OCR schedules on FoxQuest. Employers may obtain a FoxQuest account by following the directions below.  Interviews take place at the Center for Career Services in the Cannavino Library. Any questions in reference to on-campus recruiting should be addressed to Desmond Murray at 845-575-3547.
  • Posting a Job or Internship: To list a part-time or full-time job or internship opportunity with Marist, we ask employers to visit Marist College's Online system - FoxQuest.  This database is a national, web-based system for recruiting college students and graduates for full-time and internship opportunities.

First time employers:

  1. First, visit FoxQuest.
  2. Choose the "Register and Post Job" button if you want to post a job at this time.  You will then receive, via email, a password within one week.
  3. Choose the "Register" button, fill out the registration form and Submit.  If you choose the "Register" button, the software will send a password to your email within one week.

Marist College reserves the right to withhold this service from organizations or positions that are not deemed to be appropriate for our students in relation to their educational and career goals. Marist College and/or Career Services does not verify or screen job candidates. It is the responsibility of the employer to research candidates thoroughly.

Employer Recruiting Guidelines

The level of competition among prospective employers seeking to recruit Marist students becomes steeper every year. While this is enormously beneficial to Marist students, the College seeks to minimize policies and practices detrimental to students.

As a member of the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) and in cooperation with college-wide internship coordinators, the Marist College Center for Career Services stipulates the following recruiting guidelines by school: 

School of Computer Science and Mathematics

  • Full-time job offers extended following a summer internship must remain open until November 1.
  • Full-time job offers extended after on-campus interviews must remain open for four weeks or until November 30, whichever is later.