Scholarships & Fellowships

Nationally Competitive Scholarships & Fellowships

Scholarships and fellowships are more than a way to get money to pay for school. These funding opportunities present a chance for you to refine or re-chart the course of your studies, to integrate study abroad opportunities into your curriculum, to reflect on yourself and where you are headed, and to challenge yourself to go beyond what you thought possible.

As a convention, scholarships generally refer to funding for undergraduate studies, while fellowships are awarded for post-baccalaureate study. Often, however, these terms are used interchangeably.

What matters most is that there are myriad opportunities and awards. Some are specific as to discipline or area of studies. Many target a specific undergraduate class year for their applications. These opportunities may place high priority on community service or on research experience.

Across the board, all scholarship applications engage the student in a rigorous process, one of careful reflection and exploration of that student's most important aspirations. While working through the various components and stages of a fellowship application, students invariably develop a more nuanced sense of themselves, of their most closely held values, and of their long-term goals.

Fellowship applications, by definition, commit students to a highly competitive process, as there are always far fewer awards than there are applicants. In no way should this discourage a Marist student from applying. A cursory review of well-known fellowships and scholarships reveals that there is no neat typology of schools whose students routinely receive awards. More to the point, Marist undergraduates are increasingly applying for and succeeding in their pursuit of these outstanding opportunities.  Marist students have been awarded the Barry Goldwater Scholarship, recognizing exceptional promise in scientific research, or have been named as finalists for the highly competitive Harry Truman Scholarship.  Other students have received the Benjamin Gilman, the Freeman Asia, and the Boren Scholarships, all for undergraduate study abroad. Several graduating seniors over the recent past have been awarded the Fulbright U.S. Student Program grant for approximately ten months of research or teaching English abroad.  Two Marist seniors within the past three years received the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship, supporting their doctoral studies in the sciences.  This inventory is by no means comprehensive, and will surely expand as more Marist undergraduates accept the challenge of the exceptional.

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