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Bridge Program

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Bridge Program

The Bridge Program offers high school seniors the opportunity to complete a full year of college work while simultaneously fulfilling high school graduation requirements.

The Academic Program

  • Bridge students take one course at their high school (generally an AP course).  They may also need to take a physical education course at the high school to meet graduation requirements.
  • Bridge students then come to the Marist campus to complete their academic program with other Marist students.
  • Bridge students will be required to take a minimum of 12 credits per semester at Marist.

Fees Payable to Marist College

  • Application fee: $50 (Waived if student continues at Marist after Bridge year.)
  • Tuition: *One half of the Marist tuition

*Bridge students are not eligible for any form of financial aid.


  • The Director of the Bridge Program is the academic advisor to the Bridge students. She will assist Bridge students in selecting their academic programs in accordance with the students' needs and interests.
  • Bridge students enjoy full Marist College library and computing privileges.
  • Bridge students will receive Marist College ID cards and campus parking permits at the Bridge Orientation in late August. They will be entitled to use all student services and attend all college events open to Marist students.

Procedure for Applying to the Bridge Program

  • Complete the online Marist College application form.  THE DEADLINE FOR COMPLETED APPLICATIONS IS MAY 13th.
  • Upon academic acceptance, the student will be required to meet with the Director of the Bridge Program.

            Bridge Application Form

Admission to the Bridge Program

  • High School students apply to the program in the spring of their junior year.  They must have approval of their High School and meet the Marist qualifications for admissions.
  • Academic competence and maturity are among the factors that will be considered.

Registration for Courses

  • Registration for fall courses occurs after the administrative processing of applications and deposits.
  • Accepted Bridge students will be contacted in mid to late June to meet with the Director. At that time, individualized schedules will be created.
    • Parents are enthusiastically welcome at this meeting.
    • Verification of two measles, mumps and rubella inoculations must be presented at this meeting in order to complete the registration process.
  • Registration for spring classes follows the same procedure.