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HEOP Academic Support Services

Pre-Freshman Summer Program

Your college career begins with mandatory attendance in a six-week residential summer program designed to strengthen skills, as well as to prepare students for courses to be taken during the academic year. Academic support is provided in the form of counseling, tutoring, workshops and short cultural trips.

Students must apply for financial aid and there is no direct cost to the student for tuition or room and board during the six-week residential program.

Academic Advisement and Counseling

The HEOP professional staff provides individual counseling to students on academic, personal, career and financial matters.

Skill Preparation and Tutoring

Individual and group tutoring is available through The Academic Learning Center at no cost to HEOP students. HEOP students are required to take and successfully complete skill building courses like Self Management and Career Planning.

Assistance is also available for students who might have some need of support in English as a Second Language.

Student Development Workshops and Meetings

As members of the HEOP program students are required to attend skill building workshops and informational meetings. Workshops are offered on a variety of topics, money management, issues related to academic and career development, alumni networking and personal empowerment have been offered in the past.

Funding permitting, the above-mentioned support services are available for HEOP students for up to five years of full-time study.