Fall 2016 FYS Course Titles and Descriptions


Fall 2016 FYS Course Titles and Descriptions (see below for Honors FYS sections)

      Incoming students will be able to submit their FYS course preference list from 8:00 a.m. on Friday, June 3,
      until 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, June 15.

FYS101 L103
Eco-Warriors, Tree Huggers and Sell Outs: Representing Modern Environmentalism 

FYS 101 L106 & 107
Where Did My Money Go?

FYS 101 L108
Bodies, Minds, and Social Norms

FYS 101 L109 & 110
Challenges to Free Will from Neuroscience & Psychology  

FYS 101 L111 & 112
Greek Myth and the Other

FYS101 L113
Meaning in Life

FYS101 L114 & 115
Not That Seventies Show

FYS101 L116 & 117
Empire, Race, & Sexuality in Colonial Latin America  

FYS101 L118 & 119
Reading the Apocalypse

FYS101 L120 & 121
Nostalgia: A Literary History

FYS101 L122 & 123
John Milton, Genius

FYS101 L124 & 125
Greening America

FYS101 L126 & 127
Race, Gender, Slavery & the Making of America

FYS101 L128 & 129
Murder, Madness, and Mental Mayhem

FYS101 L130 & 131
Castaways, Outcasts, & Survivors

FYS101 L132
Food Fights: What is the Future of Food?

FYS 101 L133
Europe & the "Barbarians"

FYS101 L135
The Human Body, in Sickness & in Health

FYS101 L136 & 137

FYS101 L138 & 139
Music & the Drama of History

FYS 101 L140
Critical Perspectives on Advertising

FYS 101 L141 &142
Words in the Wild: Expeditions in Language & Society

FYS 101 L143
Childhood Around the World

FYS 101 L144
Caravaggio & His Followers at the Metropolitan Museum of Art  

FYS 101 L147
How It Came About



Fall 2016 Honors FYS Course Titles