Academic Core

A Message From Professor Robyn Rosen, Director of First Year Seminar

The First Year Seminars (FYS) we offer at Marist combine academic skill development with an expansive approach to learning.  They are designed with you—a brand new college student—in mind. These classes not only broach topics, ideas, theories, systems, ideologies, cultures, time periods, and literary genres that you may never have had the opportunity to explore in high school, but they also provide support to you as you adjust to a new set of academic standards and expectations. 

With your active participation, the FYS faculty create a dynamic classroom environment to stimulate curiosity and enhance your knowledge, skills, and level of comfort in your new community. 

This class may take you in unexpected directions, and it will surely be a sturdy foundation upon which to build your academic career at Marist. Make the most of it!

Incoming Freshmen:

Fall 2021 First Year Seminar Courses

FYS 101: Course Titles and Descriptions

“You Learn By Living”: Showing Up for Your Life
Celebrity in the 19th Century
The Mindful Learner
Music and the Drama of History
The Painter of Modern Life
Greek Myth & the Other
The Frankenstein Myth in Popular Culture
Imagined Worlds: Social Justice & Science Fiction
Happiness Embodied
Your Mind on Metaphors
Sounding the Political: Music and Politics in Africa
Reading the Apocalypse
Adulting 101
Sowing the Seeds of Success
Murder, Madness, & Mental Mayhem
Rockin’ the Look: The Synergies Between Fashion and Rock ‘n’ Roll
Italy in Color: The cultural explosion of Second-Generation African Italians, from Jollof to #BLMItaly
Living a Logical Life
Social Justice from the Sidelines to the Frontlines
JFK: Famine to New Frontier & Beyond
Sounds in the Key of Life
Groundbreaking Cases: The Supreme Court on Rights and Wrongs
Autobiographical Americans: Studying History through the Writings of Those Who Were There
Family Matters
“I’m not racist, but…”: Racial Cognition and Responsibility for Bias