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Recognizing that today’s—and tomorrow’s—challenges are not confined to separate academic subject areas, the Marist Core engages you in a four-course interdisciplinary Pathway. This set of courses addresses a focused question or area of study from at least three disciplinary perspectives.

Language study is particularly crucial in today’s global community. Students may pursue proficiency through a Pathway in French, Spanish, or Italian, or take language courses as part of Pathways engaging with a particular culture.

All students must select their Pathway by the end of the first year of study. Even as it fulfills requirements in the Marist Core, this “bundle” of courses can help you explore a new area of interest and even begin working toward a potential minor or second major. A Biology major might decide that competency in Spanish would be an important asset and choose a Pathway in Spanish or Latin American & Caribbean Studies. An Accounting major with an interest in international business might opt for a Pathway involving cross-cultural analysis, such as Global Studies, Contemporary European Studies, or African Diaspora Studies. Courses taken in Pathways can count toward minors or second majors in a wide variety of areas.

Whichever Pathway you choose, its courses may help you pursue a minor, a second major, or any subject that will enrich your academic experience as a whole. Use your Pathway as an opportunity to explore new ground!

Click here to view a complete list of the available Pathway options!