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Academic Core Skills

Marist College is strongly committed to preparing you to meet the complex and varied challenges of a changing global society. The chart below summarizes the ways in which the Marist Core equips you with essential 21st-century skills. 

Skill Area Curricular Component
Critical Thinking
  • First Year Seminar
  • Philosophical Perspectives Course
  • Ethics and Justice Course
  • Pathway
  • Capping Course
Information Literacy
  • Writing for College Course
  • First Year Seminar
  • Capping Course
Public Presentation
  • First Year Seminar
  • Public Presentation-intensive Course
  • Capping Course
Quantitative Reasoning
  • Mathematics Requirement
  • Quantitative FYS and/or Pathway Courses
Scientific Reasoning
  • Natural Science Requirement
  • Science-related FYS and Pathway Courses
Technological Competency
  • Technology-intensive Requirement
  • First Year Seminar
  • Writing for College Course
  • Writing-intensive Requirement
  • Capping course


Intensive Core Requirements

Technology-Intensive Courses

Technology-intensive courses provide students with an understanding of the impact of technology on their lives and on the world around them. In addition, technology-intensive courses instruct students in the theoretical and practical use of technology relevant to their academic discipline. Whether focusing exclusively on computing and information technology or incorporating other forms as well, technology-intensive courses provide students with the opportunity to use technology skillfully and to critically evaluate the implications of various technologies on society


Discipline Courses that will fulfill the Technology  -intensive requirement

ART 231 Introduction to Digital Media


BUS 310 Data Modeling for Business

- *Taken fall 2023 or later


COM 103 Digital Toolbox

Computing Technology

CMPT 103 Technology for the 21st Century

CMPT 120 Introduction to Programming

CMPT 300 Management Information Systems

Data Science and Analytics

DATA 220 Introduction to Data Analysis

Education EDUC 150 Learning Through Technology

Environmental Science

ENSC 230 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems


FASH 245 Fashion CAD I

History HIST 209 Digital Humanities


ITAL 392, Italian in the Digital Age

Media Studies

MDIA 103 Digital Toolbox


SPAN 325 Spanish in a Digital Age (taught in Spanish)


Public Presentation Intensive Courses

The Public Presentation Intensive (PPI) requirement provides students with the opportunity to develop their ability to research, organize, and deliver presentations. Involving both low-stakes assignments and more formal expositions, PPI courses build upon skills introduced in the First Year Seminar and help prepare students for presentations in their advanced-level Capping courses.


Courses that will fulfill the PPI requirement


ART 380 Renaissance Art


BIOL 131 General Biology II


BUS 100 Introduction to Business & Management

BUS 302 Organizational Behavior

BUS 340 Principles of Marketing


COM 101 Public Presentation

COM 420 Advanced Public Presentations

Computing Technology

CMPT 305 Technology, Ethics, & Society

Criminal Justice

CRJU 374 Criminal Justice Research Methods 


EDUC 373 Principles of Teaching Students with Special Needs


ENG 150 Introduction to Theatre
ENG 227 Acting I


FASH 126, The Creative Process
*Taken Fall 2021 or later

Games & Emerging Media

GAME 301 The Business of Games


HIST 217 Catholics in the US 
*Taken Spring 2021 or later


HONR 360, A Gift of Fire: Ethical Implications of Technology
*Taken Fall 2021 or later


ITAL 281 Italian for Conversation


MATH 310 Introduction to Mathematical Reasoning

Media Studies

MDIA 310 Interactive Media II 
MDIA 306 Media Performance

Medical Technology

MEDT 350 Foundations of Clinical Laboratory Science


PHIL 243 Knowledge & Reality 
*Taken Spring 2021 or later

Political Science

POSC 217 Catholics in the US 
*Taken Spring 2021 or later
POSC 280, Model United Nations
*Taken Fall 2021 or later


PSYC 351 Psychological Research Methodology & Lab II

Religious Studies

REST 217 Catholics in the US
*Taken Spring 2021 or later

Social Work 

SOCW 330 Social Service: Theory & Practice