Cognitive Science Studies Pathway

 The Cognitive Science Studies Pathway introduces students to the examination of current empirical and
 theoretical research on the nature of cognition.

Your Pathway must contain 4 courses drawn from at least 3 of the disciplinary areas listed below. Honors, special-topics, and study-abroad courses may be used in Pathways if they have been approved for this purpose.

ENG 201 Introduction to Linguistics
ENG 302 World Englishes
Natural Science
BIOL 232 Sex, Evolution, & Behavior OR BIOL 305 Animal Behavior *pre-reqs CHEM 131-2 or equivalent & grade of C or higher in BIOL 130-131
PHIL 203 Introduction to Logic
PHIL 310 Symbolic Logic
PHIL 335 Metaphysics: The Nature of Reality
PHIL 336 Epistemology: The Theory of Knowledge
PHIL 345 Philosophy of Mind

Social Science (maximum 2 courses)
PSYC 101 Introduction to Psychology
PSYC 301 Biopsychology and Lab *prereq PSYC 101
PSYC 302 Neurobiology of Learning *prereq PSYC 101
PSYC 303 Developmental Neuropsychology *prereq PSYC 101
PSYC 305 Neurobiology of Learning Disabilities *prereq PSYC 101
PSYC 306 Cognitive Neuroscience & Neuropsychology + Lab *prereq PSYC 101 and PSYC 350
PSYC 342 Learning and Cognition *prereq PSYC 101
PSYC 343 Sensation and Perception *prereq PSYC 101