Italian & Italian-American Studies Pathway

 The Italian & Italian-American Studies Pathway helps students expand their knowledge of Italians,
 Italian-Americans, and Italian language through focused interdisciplinary coursework that explores
 social, political, and cultural history. Elementary and intermediate-level language courses are included in
 this Pathway.

Your Pathway must contain 4 courses drawn from at least 3 of the disciplinary areas listed below. Honors, special-topics, and study-abroad courses may be used in Pathways if they have been approved for this purpose.

Fine Arts (maximum 2 courses)
ART 230 Greek and Roman Art
ART 380 Renaissance Art
ITAL 308 Italian Cinema
MUS 335 Opera
HIST 247 Ancient Rome
HIST 266 Italian-American Experience *cross-listed POSC 266 and ENG 266
ENG 266 Italian-American Experience *cross-listed POSC 266 and HIST 266
Modern Languages (maximum 2 courses)
Italian language courses from ITAL 101 Elementary Italian I and beyond
ITAL 308 Italian Cinema
Social Science
POSC 266 Italian-American Experience *cross-listed ENG 266 and HIST 266
Non-Breadth Option
ITAL 250 Civilization of Italy