Medieval & Renaissance Studies Pathway

 The Medieval & Renaissance Studies Pathway provides students with the opportunity to study the culture,
 history, and intellectual legacy of the Middle Ages and Renaissance. This Pathway is suitable for students
 interested in investigating the antecedents of modernity, in identifying enduring cultural and philosophical
 issues, and in comparing and constrasting past and contemporary society.

Your Pathway must contain 4 courses drawn from at least 3 of the disciplinary areas listed below. Honors, special-topics, and study-abroad courses may be used in Pathways if they have been approved for this purpose.

Fine Arts (maximum 2 courses)
ART 230 Greek & Roman Art
ART 245 Medieval Art
ART 281 History of Costume
ART 380 Renaissance Art
MUS 340 Baroque Masters
MUS 344 Medieval and Renaissance Music
History (maximum 2 courses)
HIST 248 Medieval Europe
HIST 249 Early Modern Europe
HIST 314 Witchcraft & Sorcery in Pre-Modern Europe *prereq 6 credits in history
Literature (maximum 2 courses)
ENG 212 English Literature I
ENG 221 Themes in Shakespeare
ENG 270 Classics of Western Literature
ENG 324 Chaucer
ENG 329 Seventeenth-Century Literature
ENG 330 Medieval Literature
ENG 361 Ancient Roman and Early Christian Literature
Modern Languages (maximum 2 courses)
FREN 250 French Culture & Thought: Problems & Perspectives *Taught in French
SPAN 250 Cultures of Spain *Taught in Spanish
Any elementary-level or above language course in Greek, Latin, or Arabic
Any intermediate-level or above language course in French, German, Italian, or Spanish
PHIL 211 Modern Philosophy
PHIL 321 Medieval Philosophy