Public Health Studies Pathway

 The Public Health Studies Pathway enables students to understand crucial health issues in local, regional,
 and global contexts. Courses equip students to analyze pressing community health questions from a
 variety of disciplinary perpsectives.

Your Pathway must contain 4 courses drawn from at least 3 of the disciplinary areas listed below. Honors, special-topics, and study-abroad courses may be used in Pathways if they have been approved for this purpose.

Ethics & Justice
REST 231 Social Ethics and Economics
MATH 130 Introductory Statistics I
Natural Science (maximum 2 courses)
BIOL 203/HLTH 201 Human Nutrition
BIO 237 Human Biology
ENSC 101 Introduction to Environmental Issues
ENSC 306 Environmental Health *prereq BIOL 101 or BIOL 130 or ENSC 101
HLTH 225 Topics in Nutrition
PHIL 301 Environmental Ethics
Social Science (maximum 2 courses)
ECON 150 Economics of Social Issues
POSC 202 Environmental Politics & Policy *cross-listed ENSC 202; prereq ENSC 101 and POSC 110
POSC 240 Introduction to Public Policy *prereq POSC 110
PSYC 101 Introduction to Psychology
PSYC 220 Social Psychology *prereq PSYC 101
PSYC 222 Community Psychology *prereq PSYC 101
SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology
SOCW 230 Introduction to Social Work      
Non-Breadth Option
CRJU 242 Drug and Alcohol Use and Abuse