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Latin American and Caribbean Studies

The Latin American and Caribbean Studies minor helps prepare students interested in working with Latin American/Caribbean communities in the United States or overseas. This interdisciplinary program offers a broad foundation in the humanities and social sciences. Students will expand their knowledge and language skills by integrating work in the fields of business, communications, economics, education, environmental science, history, and politics with interdisciplinary coursework and exploration of various theoretical and methodological approaches. 

The 18-credit sequence in Latin American and Caribbean Studies complements a great number of major programs of study, such as Business Administration, Communications, Economics, French, History, Political Science, and Spanish, among others. The program also encourages students to fulfill their immersion experience through study abroad in Latin America or the Caribbean through Marist Abroad or through internships, community service, or participation in international organizations approved by the program coordinator. Students should note that by participating in Marist's Abroad program in Cuba for one semester (15 credits), they will automatically be only 3 credits away from receiving this minor.

Requirements for Minor in Latin American & Caribbean Studies

  • A minimum of 18 credits (6 courses), excluding courses in Spanish language proficiency (SPAN 101-102 and SPAN 105-106).
  • Demonstrated proficiency through successful completion of at least one 200-level or higher course taught in Spanish.
  • One immersion experience, which could include study abroad in Latin America or the Caribbean, community service, or an internship approved by the coordinator.  It should be noted that many internship opportunities also enable students to earn 3-6 credits.  
  • 3 CORE courses (9 credits) out of the following: HIST 273, HIST 274, SPAN 260, POSC 350, and SPAN 154 (or SPAN 354).
  • 3 electives (9 credits) from the list of current course offerings and approved by the LACS Coordinator.  (The Marist Abroad Office consistently offers both long-term and short-term programs that will enable students to take some of these courses abroad.)