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Liberty Partnerships Program

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About Liberty Partnerships

Photo of Liberty Partnership The Marist College Liberty Partnerships Program (LPP) is a dropout prevention and college access program that is funded by the New York State Education Department. It has been sponsored by Marist College since 1990. Marist LPP serves 341 underrepresented students (grades 5-12) in the Poughkeepsie City School District. Marist College LPP is committed to the belief that all students can learn and should have equal access to resources.

Marist College LPP strives to help its students excel in and out of the classroom so that they can globally compete in the 21st century. Its goals are to prepare students for:

  • high school completion
  • careers
  • college-level work

Photo of Liberty Partnerships students To achieve its goals, Marist College LPP provides students with an array of services to improve their academic, social, emotional, and career skills. Marist LPP also provides LPP students (statewide) with a 50% tuition scholarship to Marist College (based on LPP participation and Marist College Admission guidelines). 

Marist College LPP is a hybrid program that provides twelve months of services. Services are provided to the Poughkeepsie City School District students through partnerships with Marist College, community entities, business organizations, and parents. Marist College students serve as tutors, interns, mentors, and volunteers. Marist College LPP students receive free services once they are referred and enrolled in the program. School administrators, educators, guidance counselors, and parents refer young people who would benefit from the program (based on the New York State Education Department's criteria for at-risk factors). Since its inception, Marist College LPP graduates consistently credit LPP with helping them graduate high school, enter college, and/or enter the workforce.

Photo of Liberty Partnerships students Mission

Marist College LPP's mission is to secure resources through the College, school district, and community in order to provide its students with diverse and empowering experiences. Marist College LPP focuses on educating the youth to maximize their potential to help them understand their intrinsic value as members of society.


Marist College LPP's goal is to provide local youth e with opportunities to prepare them for exemplary graduation rates in high school. Marist College LPP strives to help students enter college and/or the workforce.