Marist Student Involvement

The Liberty Partnerships Programs (LPP) engages Marist students in providing its manye services. Students serve as interns, tutors, or mentors and are either paid through College Work-Study funds or volunteer their time and earn priority points.  The majority of student workers are majoring in education, psychology, or social work; however, LPP accepts all majors. In a 2013 survey, 100% of tutors and mentors indicated that they would recommend working with LPP as a valuable learning experience.

Having the hands-on experience just reminds me of why I want to be a teacher again.  These kids really do appreciate us.  They make me smile, show me respect, and they are smart and want to learn.  I hope that by being there I can give them what they give me.  (Aimee Dweck, LPP Tutor/Mentor)

I really enjoy working with the kids.  They seem genuinely curious and eager to learn and I am glad I can help them. (Papiya Rahman, LPP Tutor/Mentor)

Mentoring has really shown me how much I enjoy working with kids.  Mondays and Wednesdays are now two days of the week I look forward to because I know I am going to help put a smile on those kids faces and help them. (Melina Rae, LPP Tutor/Mentor)

Based on the course, Education majors may use their experience with LPP for field placement. Through this clinical experience, they learn to connect classroom theory and content with practice. Students hone their teaching skills while their course instructor assesses their performance. 

Marist clubs are also involved with LPP and provide activities on campus or in the schools.  Partnerships with clubs vary year-to-year.  In the past, the Dance Club provided dance classes, the Debate and Advocacy Society offered workshops in presentation skills, and athletes discussed the importance of education with LPP students.  Teachers of Tomorrow assists the LPP staff in recruiting tutor/mentors.

To apply for a tutor/mentor position with LPP, Marist students need to complete the online application.  Students interested in an internship should contact LPP Director at  845/454-4199.