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Liberty Partnerships Program

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Marist Student Involvement

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Marist College students serve as interns, tutors, or mentors. The majority of the Marist College students are Education, Social Work, and Psychology majors. However, students from other majors get involved with Marist College LPP.

Various student-led organizations dedicate their time to provide social and emotional workshops to Marist College LPP students. Some of these organizations are Student Government Association, Black Student Union, Appreciating Races Creating Opportunities, Agents of Social Change, Sigma Sigma Sigma National Sorority, and Tau Beta Sigma National Band Sorority. They provide activities at Marist College and at the Marist College LPP school sites. To apply for a tutor or mentor position with Marist College LPP, Marist College students need to complete the application. Students interested in an internship position should contact the office directly at 845-575-3730 or email