The Liberty Partnerships Program serves 240 students in Poughkeepsie and Kingston during the academic year and summer months. Activities focus on tutoring, mentoring, case management, college readiness, workforce development, and leadership/civic duty.  Students meet with their LPP Counselor throughout the year to develop and follow-up on their Personal Learning Plan. 

Grade 8: During the academic year, LPP students attend after-school sessions for homework assistance and participate in Mentoring at Marist. Mentoring sessions are held on campus and provide instruction aligned to the common core and college exposure. In the summer, students attend Transition to High School that includes an introduction to the courses they will take, a tour their high school, and discussions on pertinent issues.

Grades 9-12: Activities are offered to help students prepare to graduate from high school and enter post-secondary education or the workforce. In addition to tutoring and case management, LPP offers:

  • Leadership Academy, a program designed to build leadership skills and give students the opportunity to work on a team and carryout a community project. 
  • Career Academy, a series of events that are designed to expose students to careers and majors in college.  It includes interviewing professionals at their worksite, attending a career fair at Marist, workshops on job-readiness, and a job fair for youth.  
  • College tours to a variety of two and four-year institutions.
  • Assistance with the college application process
  • Parent Involvement:  Parents are encouraged to take an active part in their child’s education.  LPP provides special events for parents.  
  • Field trips:  Students go on trips to historic sites or cultural venues.