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Adult & Returning Students: Affording College

Marist's adult degree completion programs are an excellent value and well-respected by employers.

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How to Afford Your Return to College

Completing your bachelor's degree as an adult student requires patience, planning—and perhaps some sacrifice. At Marist, our high-quality, undergraduate and bachelor's degree completion programs are an excellent value in demand and respected by companies and organizations throughout the world. When you compare tuition, faculty expertise, student outcomes, and program accessibility across other private schools, you'll be pleasantly surprised by how we rise above the competition. In addition to our more favorable tuition, we also offer merit scholarships and academic partnerships with select employers and organizations to further reduce tuition costs. Our Student Financial Services Office can also help you with federal loans and payment plans. 

Students can use our online course equivalency database to check course-to-course equivalencies as determined by Marist College. This database is for informational purposes only. Please note this is an unofficial resource and we encourage you to reach out to our office at should you have further questions or concerns.

Financial Aid for Adult Undergraduate Students

As a Marist student, the Office of Student Financial Services will make every effort to assist you with financing the cost of your education.

Types of Aid for Adult Students

See the types of aid available to Adult and Returning students:

How to Apply for Financial Aid as an Adult Student

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) serves as the official application for need-based financial aid at Marist College.  To ensure adequate processing time we recommend that you file your FAFSA by April 15th online at

School Code: 002765

Important Financial Aid Deadlines:

November/December:  Apply for FSA ID     
February/March: Complete the FAFSA 
Mid-June: Financial Aid Packages for prospective students are available electronically via myMarist.
Accepted students who have received a financial aid package will need to log on to their myMarist account to view and complete additional required documents 


Things to Remember About the Financial Aid Process

It is important to keep the following points in mind as you familiarize yourself with the financial aid process:

  • It is recommended that you file for aid before you are accepted by Marist.
  • File the necessary forms: do not assume you are ineligible.
  • File the FAFSA as early as you can (but not before January 1), even if you must estimate your income.
  • Meet all deadlines.
  • Work with your program director to develop a course plan and then review the plan with Student Financial Services to make sure you are covered for aid, if necessary.
  • You must be enrolled in at least 6 credits to be eligible for Stafford Loans.