Master’s in Marketing vs. IMC Degree

Choosing between a Graduate Degree in Marketing or Integrated Marketing Communication

Master’s in Marketing vs. IMC DegreeToday’s marketing world is much more complex than the good old days portrayed in Mad Men. Don Draper never had to worry about a company’s social footprint, real-time marketing, or geo-targeting. When considering a Master’s in marketing versus earning an Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) degree, you’ll find the advantages of an IMC degree are tailored made for the demands of marketing in the 21st century.

IMC is the cutting-edge approach industry professionals now employ to engage important stakeholders and maintain a consistent brand message and presence. IMC relies on a combination of traditional techniques, mixed with new-age technology. The result is a holistic marketing strategy that allows businesses to develop, distribute, and course correct their brand messaging to maintain and grow market share in an increasingly digital world. The successful implementation of IMC relies on highly skilled professionals with a deep understanding of marketing principles and tech savvy.

For those choosing between a graduate degree in Marketing or Integrated Marketing Communication, it’s important to understand the key differences between the two. Yes, a traditional graduate degree in Marketing will give you the skills to perform various marketing functions within a professional organization including advertising, branding, and public relations, but it will not teach you the key strategies and techniques for developing successful multichannel digital communications. That’s where the IMC degree really trumps a traditional Master’s in Marketing. Aside from learning the foundations of marketing, you’ll also receive instruction on how to apply them within the context of today’s digital workplace.

If you’re interested in a career in advertising management, public relations management, social media strategies and tactics, marketing research, brand management, and more, the IMC Degree will provide you with hands-on marketing industry learning. You’ll examine case studies, engage in real-life marketing exercises, and current communications assignments from actual companies. IMC faculty members are marketing industry leaders, each with many years at the forefront of marketing and technology within national brands and major educational institutions.

When choosing between a graduate degree in Marketing or an Integrated Marketing Communication degree, make sure you choose the degree path that will set you up for future success. In the battle of the Master’s in Marketing vs. IMC Degree, only the IMC Degree will give you the skills to become a marketing leader in tomorrow’s digital business world. 


Published by Laura Zurowski

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