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IMC Degree Program Full & Part-Time Graduate Student Information

The 100% asynchronous online curriculum of the M.A. in Integrated Marketing Communication graduate degree program consists of 10 IMC courses focused on the integration of marketing and communication. Through the Marist College IMC program, students will gain a concrete understanding of important marketing graduate degree subjects such as branding, social media, advertising, digital marketing, communication, and public relations.

Each Integrated Marketing Communications Masters degree course is three credits, for a total of 30 credits. All M.A. IMC courses are offered in an asynchronous online format to accommodate the needs of working professionals. Full-time IMC graduate program students complete the degree in as little as three semesters; part-time students may take up to three years, depending on the number of courses they take each semester. Start dates are flexible as students can choose to start in either a fall or spring semester. Fall and spring semesters have two rounds, each of eight-week duration. Summer semesters have two rounds, each of six-week duration.



IMC Full- and Part-Time Student Curriculum

  • Curriculum for Part-Time IMC Graduate Students
    Graduate students looking to attend the IMC program part-time generally enroll in two courses in the fall and spring semesters. Depending on when the IMC student starts the program, they generally enroll in one course over the summer. All courses can be completed in six semesters. 
  • Curriculum for Full-Time IMC Graduate Students:
    Graduate students attending the IMC Masters program generally enroll in four courses in the fall and spring semesters. Depending on when they begin the program, IMC graduate students take one or two courses in the summer, completing the Integrated Marketing and Communication Master's degree program in three to four semesters. 

IMC Curriculum Courses

  • Principles of Integrated Marketing Communication
  • Public Relations Management
  • Marketing Foundations OR IMC Mobile Marketing*
  • Brand Management
  • Global Consumer Insights
  • Advertising Management
  • Social Media Strategies & Tactics
  • Marketing Research OR IMC Business Analytics*
  • Analytical Tools for Decision Making
  • Integrated Marketing Communication Capstone

*for those students with a bachelor's in business administration degree or significant work experience in the field of Marketing with permission of the Program Director

Learn More About the IMC Degree

The 100% online IMC graduate curriculum consists of cutting end marketing courses geared towards the enhancement of student's strategic marketing and communication skills. To learn more about enrolling in the Integrated Marketing Communication curriculum contact Marist College today.

Course Descriptions
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