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As you sit down with your family, friends, and school counselor to discuss your future, it is possible you will encounter conversations about our change in government and the overall sentiment toward globalization. At Marist, we have always embraced the diversity of our student body and community. We will continue to do so, welcoming newcomers from all over the world with open arms to our campus just north of New York City.

The Marist Brothers, who founded our university, placed great emphasis on commitment to excellence in education, dedication to the principle of service, but also to the pursuit of higher human values. Their ideals aimed to educate students on leading productive, ethical, and enlightened lives for the benefit of themselves and society.

In addition to focusing on business, computer science, psychology, or fashion, our curriculum offers a broad array of liberal arts courses that develop the intellect and skills necessary in order to foster the formation of a proper value system and code of ethics. Our community of caring can be witnessed in various forms. One may see it in our constant involvement in community service or in the small acts of kindness that spread throughout campus. Here at Marist, respect, courtesy, and altruism play a major part in uniting us as Red Foxes.

This warm sentiment not only applies to our tightly-knit Marist community, but also to the surrounding areas. In the city of Poughkeepsie, where our main campus is located, nearly 20% of the population consists of individuals born outside the U.S. Poughkeepsie has served as a hub for all sorts of cultural, social, and political events and institutions. We are fortunate to be in the vicinity of the Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum, as well as of his former residence and many other National Historic Landmarks.

Home to several other respected universities, such as Vassar College, Bard College, and The Culinary Institute of America, flocks of students populate the Hudson Valley. While some areas cater to the youth's needs, giving a college-town vibe to our home, other parts have more of a historical emphasis. We take pride in our city and community, but we also have much respect for other neighboring towns, such as New Paltz, Beacon, and Rhinebeck -- which have small eclectic businesses and much charm.

Marist is fortunate enough to be located halfway between the state's capital of Albany and New York City. Easy access to these cities creates incredible internship and employment opportunities for our students, but it also provides a wide array of resources and entertainment.

Whether you stay homebound to our campus grounds or branch out to the rest of the town, city, state, county or region, you will find at least one common value that we share with The Big Apple -- our love and celebration of diversity.