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Summer Pre-College Admission

Message from Fashion SPC Director

Message from the Faculty Director for Session I: Developing your Fashion Design Portfolio

Welcome to Marist College and the Pre College Summer Fashion Design course for high school students. If you are interested in the exciting and dynamic world of Fashion Design, then this program is an excellent opportunity for you to earn 3 college credits. As a Marist College Fashion Design Faculty, I guide students through the processes of building a Fashion Design portfolio of their own, how to explore designing a collection of apparel and teach them the elements of fashion design sketching techniques and development. 

Juan-Manuel Olivera-Silvera, Professional Lecturer of Fashion Design Director of Marist in Manhattan and The Silver needle Runway, is also the director of the Fashion Design Portfolio Pre-College Institute. Juan-Manuel teaches an array of courses at Marist Fashion, such as the fashion Design Creative Process foundation courses, Accessory design, Fashion Show productions, and Event Planning among others.

Juan-Manuel brings in experience both in Fashion Design and Merchandising from his extended career both in Paris and New York, in the various fields of fashion, Haute-Couture, Designer, Contemporary, E-commerce, and Entrepreneurship.

Message from the Faculty Director for Session II: Fashion Apparel Construction

Welcome to Marist Summer Pre-College. An intensive two week offers to high school students who show interest, ambition, talent and pursuing a career in fashion. Students will have the opportunity to earn 3 college credits. Our program will develop your technical proficiency as well as foster your creativity. Study with our passionate and amazing faculty who hailed with years of professional experience in the fashion industry.

Richelle Valenzuela is a Professional Lecturer at Marist College. He teaches the following courses at Marist Fashion Program: Creative Process, Fashion Design I, Fashion Design II, Digital Fashion Design I, Senior Portfolio and Collection.

Message from the Faculty Director for Session II: Fashion Textile Design Studio

Welcome to Marist College and the Pre-College Summer Fashion Institute (Textile Design Studio).  If you are interested in the exciting and dynamic world of fashion and textiles, then this program is an excellent opportunity for you to earn 3 college credits.

This program is a chance for you to get hands-on experience in one of the most important facets of the fashion industry, the design of textiles.  You will have the opportunity to develop ideas from inspiration source to a final collection of textiles to accompany a capsule collection of garments. 

The work you do in this class will allow you to complete a textile collection in portfolio form, but also create wearable garments and have the textiles you design digitally printed in our Makerspace. 

Our faculty will help you understand the history of textiles as well as the role that textiles play in modern fashion.

Sonia Roy, Distinguished Professional Lecturer in Fashion Design, is the director and instructor of the Textile Design Studio Summer Pre-College Institute.  Mrs. Roy teaches the following courses in the Fashion Program at Marist College:  Fashion Culture and Commerce, Textile Design, Trend Forecasting and Analysis, Fashion Design II, Fashion Design III, Senior Thesis Collections and Senior Thesis Portfolio Development.  She holds a BFA from Parsons School of Design and an MFA from the Academy of Art University. Mrs. Roy joined the Marist Fashion Program after 15 years in New York’s fashion industry as a Sleepwear/Loungewear and Intimate apparel designer.