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Summer Pre-College: Pre-Law

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Summer Pre-College: Pre-Law

In-Person Session II: July 14 - July 27, 2024

This program will explore the practice of law as a profession as well as the crossroads of law and government. Are you intrigued by the law? Do you think and write like a lawyer? Participants will rediscover the most influential founding documents of our government: the Magna Carta and the United States Constitution. Students will analyze primary sources of law: cases and statutes and learn to resolve legal questions. Landmark United States Supreme Court decisions will be discussed.  We will explore key historical events in the development of the judicial branch at both the state and federal level thus leading to an understanding of subject matter jurisdiction.

The program will cover the cornerstones of family law, contracts, torts, real property, wills, and criminal law. This program will provide insight into the legal profession from making the most of being “pre-law” in college, the value of working as a paralegal before going to law school, selecting a law school, law school admission, law school experience, and selecting a field of practice.  This program will provide solid advice and a strong academic foundation for any student considering a career in law.

Guest speakers will include law school professionals, judges, lawyers, political scientists, and historians. 


Welcome to Marist's Summer Pre-College in Pre-Law Program!

Marist College is a highly selective comprehensive liberal arts institution noted for its leadership in technology in and out of the classroom. When prospective students see Marist–our beautiful location on the Hudson River, top-notch facilities, the faculty attentiveness, and the sheer enjoyment of their experience here–they want to join our community. At Marist, students get a premium education, develop skills, make lifelong friends, and finish ahead of the competition for their next steps.

Program Goals

  • Introduce students to the study of law and the legal system as well as the legal profession.
  • Students will gain valuable insight into law school and legal education.
  • Provide an overview of major areas of law. The student will develop an understanding of such concepts as judicial power, trial, family law, contracts, torts, real property, personal property, wills, and criminal law
  • The program will explore the Constitutional basis of the American Judicial System.
  • The students will recognize the distinct types of law: case, statutory, regulations, constitutional, ordinances, treaties, etc.
  • The students will learn case briefing and case analysis as a means of understanding the law.

Earn College Credit Over the Summer

Marist Summer Pre-College is geared toward sophomores and juniors in high school. Upon successful completion of the Legal Studies Program, each student will earn three (3) transferable college credits for the Marist College course POSC 102, Introduction to Law.

Program Cost

Please see below for the 2024 Pre-College program costs. Cost includes tuition & fees, housing & all meals, field trips, and all course materials. Cost does not include travel expenses. Students may wish to bring funds for incidentals, shopping at the Marist Bookstore or the local mall, souvenirs, and any personal items they wish to purchase.