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Summer Pre-College: Social Media Marketing & Influencing

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Welcome to Social Media Marketing and Influencing Pre-College Summer Program at Marist! In this program, you will learn the history of social media, social media strategies in marketing and promotion, the newly emerging social media influencers, privacy issues related to social media, and so on. You will get hands-on and practical experience with creating a social media strategy. You will also have the chance to meet the social media leaders in different areas. Through various case studies, dynamic class conversation and interaction, and hands-on practice, you will learn both theoretical and practical skills of social media marketing and influencing, experience the excellent education at Marist, and make wonderful friends! I look forward to meeting and spending three wonderful weeks with you this summer!

About Professor Dr. Wenjing Xie 

Dr. Wenjing Xie is an associate Professor in School of Communication and the Arts at Marist College. She obtained her Ph.D. from University of Maryland College Park. Dr. Xie’s research is interdisciplinary and revolves around the uses and effects of emerging communication technologies. Her work has been published in leading journals in communication, information technology, and health. At Marist, Dr. Xie teaches graduate courses in social media strategy and tactics, and undergraduate courses in public relations and research methods. Dr. Xie has working experience in media industries in both China and the U.S.