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Marist Endowed Scholarships and Outside Scholarships

Marist College Endowed Scholarships and Outside Scholarships are great potential resources to help off-set educational expenses.

Traditional undergraduate students are invited to apply for Endowed Scholarship opportunities each spring for awards in the following academic year. A FAFSA on file for the upcoming academic year is required to be considered for any need-based endowed scholarships. 

Adult Endowed Scholarship Opportunities are also available through the application portal, with any inquiries to be directed to the Office of Student Financial Services.

To be considered for need-based endowed scholarships, the college requires prospective and current students to file the most up-to-date FAFSA to determine eligibility for student financial aid.

Endowed scholarship applications for the 2024-25 academic year will be open from February 15, 2024 - March 31, 2024.

Incoming First-Years All Endowed Scholarships for incoming first-years are direct awards. No applications are required. The Admission and Student Financial Services Committee will oversee the selection and awarding of these scholarships.
Renewals Students with Endowed Scholarships for the 2023-2024 academic year that are renewable do not need to re-apply. The scholarship(s) will automatically be renewed provided all eligibility requirements are met.
New Recipients If a student has been newly awarded an Endowed Scholarship, it will be displayed on their financial aid award notification, typically released in June.


For a full list of scholarships and eligibility criteria, please click here.

Outside Scholarships offered by external organizations are also available year-round.

ScholarshipUniverse Application Portal

Marist utilizes ScholarshipUniverse, a scholarship matching platform, to help students maximize their opportunities for both types of awards. 

How does ScholarshipUniverse work?


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From the Dashboard menu:

  • Answer questions to match to eligible scholarship opportunities
  • Apply online to scholarship opportunities through a personalized portal
  • Track your application status


Endowed scholarships are denoted by   An image of the Endowed scholarships symbol.                    

Outside scholarships are denoted by  An image of the outside scholarships symbol.  

Don’t Miss Out!

Students with a Marist email account, log in here to view your scholarship dashboard in Scholarship Universe, and begin searching for relevant funding sources.  If you need assistance with your login credentials, please click here.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like to offer feedback on your platform experience.