Admission & Financial Aid

Summer Grant

Traditional undergraduate students who first enrolled at Marist in Fall 2018 or later are eligible for a summer grant of $750 per three-credit course, up to $1,500. This grant allows students to take summer session classes at a significant discount. Please note: Students are only  eligible for the summer grant if there is no discount to the published undergraduate per credit tuition charge.

Marist students enroll in summer session courses for a variety of reasons, including to create room for additional internships, research, or travel opportunities. Many will use these courses to earn credit toward their degree while working, while others get ahead with credits to graduate early. All summer session classes are taught by Marist professors and are offered 100% online.

This grant is available starting in the summer after the first year at Marist and may be renewed annually, provided you maintain full-time enrollment, until graduation. The award may not be used during traditional semesters (fall and spring). It also cannot be applied toward internship credits, research, study abroad, non-Marist courses, or graduate-level study. Students do not need to enroll each summer to be eligible for subsequent years; however, if the funds are not utilized in a given summer, they are forfeited and cannot be applied to any prior or future course.